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It should be noted that, while you may pick your friends, but are stuck with your family, being a member of a properly functioning family is often much coveted by members of families dysfunctional enough to force the offspring to think about it. Dysfunctional relationships of all kinds are usually predicated on a lack of foresight to implement rules of social conduct among the larvae, lack of adherence to those rules, and a general failure to consider the effects of ones actions regarding others. This is the lost art of tact.

Functional families not only stabilize the psyche of all involved, they can also be profitable.


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i wish i had a nuclear family that worked. mine is broken and falling to the ground like shards of glass. i often wonder what i could have done better or if this was my fate.


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Perhaps you should rent one....Try for a new one, the families that have been rented before are probably disfunctional.


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Wow!!!! You can rent a family member........I wonder if they will accept a part exchange for a while.

It would be good for a while but they are your family and trust me when they are gone you will miss them no matter how much you hate them at the mo


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Re: Babycake's post. I'd have to go with fate. [shrug]
My parents divorced when I was 3. Nothing I could do about it.


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Do it right when you get the chance to run your own. Figuring out how to do it right is a simple matter of looking at how and why families have been run the way they have for the last several thousand years and then thinking about it. For some reason, in this century (the XXth) many people in the "Western" society on this planet have decided to get lazy about running their families. Or they never realized why their parents gave them such a hard time growing up.

According to spec.

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Researcher 37235

Functional families? Do you know any? Functional according to who? And I guess thats the key. Your "normal" may not be mine. I don't know any families that aren't dysfunctional. I think because we're all humans. We make mistakes, both horrible and minor. We constantly screw up even while trying to get it right.
I don't think there are any functional families, except maybe those stepford people...

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