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A collaborative blog about Joss Whedon's Firefly TV Series


This is a collaborative blog inspired by the Behind the Sofa Again Doctor Who website.

The aim is to watch and review (or comment on) the Firefly TV series on the run up to the release of the Serenity spin-off movie.

TV series schedule

The plan is to watch one episode a week (which means we must start now to finish all 14 episodes before the US release of Serenity).

Serenity25 June to 01 July 2005 (extended to 08 July to allow more time)
The Train Job02 to 08 July
Bushwhacked09 to 15 July
Shindig16 to 22 July
Safe23 to 29 July
Our Mrs. Reynolds  30 July to 05 August
Jaynestown06 to 12 August
Out of Gas13 to 19 August
Ariel20 to 26 August
War Stories27 Aug to 02 September
Trash03 to 09 September
The Message10 to 16 September
Heart of Gold17 to 23 September
Objects in Space24 to 30 September

Note the above is the creator's intended running order (as used on the DVD release) not that used by Fox nor the production order.

I'll create a separate entry for each episode for users to hang their reviews/comments from. To access please click on the episode name in the list above.

Serenity comic

A Serenity comic is being published by Dark Horse on the run up to the movie release. It fills in events between the TV series and the movie. I'll put up pages for comments/reviews on these too as they come out.

Serenity comic, issue 1 13 July 2005
Serenity comic, issue 2 03 August 2005
Serenity comic, issue 3 07 September 2005

Serenity movie

I'll put up pages for comments/reviews on the movie when it's released.

Serenity movie release (USA)30 September 2005
Serenity movie release (UK)07 October 2005

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Serenity comic (Dark Horse)

Serenity movie (official US site)

Serenity movie (official UK site)

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Serenity movie (unofficial UK site)

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