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Arthur Perkins is a lovely bloke. He's an ageing hippy, lives in London and is such a nice fella that his neighbour named his dog in his honour. That's pretty special.

He also has a very toastable name.

Try it yourself. Get yourself a tipple - pint of beer, glass of wine, a shot, whatever - and raise it high in the air.

Now say, in your best toasting voice, loud and proud, 'Arthur Perkins!'

See? It's perfect.

We're aiming to spread the good word about Arthur around the world through the blessing of his perfect name. Our dream in fact, goes something like this:

It's a quiet, sunny Sunday afternoon, and Arthur is heading for the pub for a quiet pint. He orders a pint of best and sits quietly at a table in the corner with his paper and turns to the crossword. The day can't get any better.

The atmosphere is ruined somewhat by the arrival of a large group of drinkers. They noisily get their drinks, rearrange the tables, and take a seat just too damn close to him. He sighs and starts to down his pint. Time to move on.

As the last of the group arrives at the table, a reverential silence descends. Nonplussed, Arthur folds up his newspaper and begins to stand up. As he does so, the group raise their glasses as one and drink a toast:

'Ladies and Gentlemen... Arthur Perkins!'

Arthur smiles, orders another pint, and sits down to finish his crossword. The day just got a little better.

Join us.

If you've drunk a toast to Arthur, let us know below.

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