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Founded when the need for an orchestra with actual people in was felt, and to compliment the existing h2g2 orchestra, the h2g2 Symphony Orchestra was founded by Njan, with help from Eomando. A player list follows, as well as a Repertoire

ApplyingMembers should be able to play to a reasonable standard in the instrument in question... the standard is less if you wish to become a second in a given instrument than if you wish to become a first. (The only exception is untuned percussion, to which we feel that anyone who has a reasonable sense of rhythm, and who can read music, can apply). Suggestions for the orchestra's repertoire are also welcome.StatusWe currently have a functional orchestra (we need a Contrabassoon and a harpist, but not for everything)... but with few players on parts. We've got enough to back a choir or play theatremusic, but if we started playing symphonies, strings in particular would sound rather thin on the ground. Come on people, apply! :-DPerformancesSince there's very little chance of the orchestra actually meeting up in public, and we don't have any music, the chances of us performing our repertoire are slim. However, orchestra members can play in small ensembles at h2g2 meets, and the orchestra will serve as another meeting point for those who are musically-minded. Orchestra members should feel free to form small ensembles and groups and play amongst themselves: if there is a demand, I will put up a list of ensembles (eg. quartets + small bands) on the symphony page.PlayersTheoretical Maximum number of players available in each section is given in brackets: although we'll probably end up taking more players than we're meant to. :-)players are listed on right.
First Violins(17)

Cissdur - Violin

Gag Halfrunt - Violin

Keeper of all things Yorkshire - Violin

Mong, ruler of the spoon people - Violin

Moo Penguin - Violin

Second Violins(18)

Queen Ju-Ju - Principal Second

Underground Caroline - Second Violin

Intellectualwaffle - Second Violin


St. Killer Queen - Viola

MyBrainHurts - Viola

Conceited Little Megapuppy - Viola

Paperdoll - Second Viola

Moo Penguin - Viola


Miranda - Cello

Duiner - Cello

Curator Chick - Cellist / Orchestral lighting design / page-turning

Wotchit - Cello

markgaltrey - Cello


Solnushka - Bass

Ardeninian - Second Bass


Fragilis - First Flute

Joanna - Second Flute

The Entity - Second Flute

Amy - Third Flute

Shorty - Flute


Joanna - Piccolo


DragonFly - Principal Oboe

The keeper of all things Yorkshire - Oboist

Cor Anglais(1)

The keeper of all things Yorkshire - Cor Anglais


Njan - Principal Clarinet

Eomando - Clarinet

Sylvie - Clarinet

Very Important Princess - Clarinet

Eb Clarinet(1)Little Miss FordPrefect
Bass ClarinetEomando

Svabhava - Bassoon

Flying betty - Bassoon

ContraBassoon(1) - none -
Trumpets(3)Thomas - Principal
Trombones(2)IanG - Principal
French Horns (6)Krans Hopeson - Principal
Harp(2) - none -

The Entity - Piano

Kes - Piano (soloist:Emperor Piano concerto)

Lizard Prince - Classical Piano

aka - Piano / guitar

The Cynic - Piano

Xylophone(1)Gag Halfrunt - Xylophone
Bass drum(1)Silly Willy - Bass Drum
Timpani(1)Silly Willy - Timpani
Snare Drum(1)Ox - Snare drum
Triangle(1)Ox - Triangle
  • Egmont Overture [Beethoven]
  • Borodin's Symphony No. 2
  • Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 5 (Eb)
  • Liszt, Totentanz
  • Shostakovich's Symphony No. 6
  • Elgar's Cello Concerto
  • Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition
  • Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite
  • John Williams's Star Wars Film music: Imperial March + Throne Room music
  • Stravinsky's Rite of Spring (arr. as Piano duet)
  • Bach's violin concerto
  • Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 6
  • Copland's Appalachian spring
  • Mozart's clarinet concerto in a major
  • Bond Theme
  • Nielsen's Symphonie no 3 op. 27 "Sinfonia Espansiva"
  • This provides an order of play, in addition to the pieces: Although these would never be played all at the same time, if selected pieces are played, the order in which those pieces come is the order in which (ideally) they should be played.

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