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Cat nightmares

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one of my cats has nightmares. In a deep sleep, she yowls, chatters and emits all sorts of noises until she wakes herself up. After a brief look around the room, reacquainting herself with her surroundings, she starts to purr and 'looks' relieved.

Are cat nightmares experienced by anyone else out there?

Cat nightmares

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One of my cats (alas no longer with us) had a habit of dozing on the top of the gas fire. One day I was stretched out in front of the fire when I realised he was having a nightmare. It was usual for cats to twitch and make small noises as they chase imaginary mice in their dreams. But this dream was different. The cat woke with a start, jumped down so that he was nose to nose with me and started frantically 'talking' to me as though he was desperate to tell me about his nightmare.

Then he seemed to suddenly remember where he was, looked sheepish and began grooming like mad as though it had never happened.

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Cat nightmares

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