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John and Paul - The Two Wintesses in Rev 11:3

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Welcome to my conversation. I hope you enjoy learning about the Beatles, especially about John and Paul. I have a ton of really cool stuff to talk about as far as they go.

Yes, I have a totally new and unique interpretation of a period of their music. I think I can show you what I know and keep it brief.

I guess before I get started I'd like to hear from some Beatles' fans that are currently using this site. I'm at [email protected] Can you write to me there or post something here that says you are interested in learning the real deal about John and Paul. I don't really want to spend the time writing to myself all over again.

I have some very cool stuff to tell you, including what 'I am the walrus' is all about, as well as the ever famous phrase 'and of course Henry the Horse dances the waltz'. I can show you definitively what that phrase was meant to convey to the public.

All I want to know at this point is if anybody is as excited to find this information out as I was to figure it all out. It literally blew me away. They were something very special indeed.

Well, I know you like the Beatles or you wouldn't be here so try to get excited a little. Sometimes it ends up taking 40 years to figure some things out, especially if the artists were John and Paul.

This is going to be fun; I hope you come along for the ride of your musical lifetime. As you shall soon see, John and Paul did come to change the world. It's just that the change has not yet come, but it will be arriving with a bang very, very soon.

Take care,

Jacob smiley - angel

John and Paul - The Two Wintesses in Rev 11:3

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Hi! Welcome to our fanclub!

Have to say I for one would be interested in hearing your interpretation of "I Am The Walrus". Have to be honest and say you put in a few phrases there that ring some bells. Migfht know where you're going with it, but please feel free to tell all.

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John and Paul - The Two Wintesses in Rev 11:3

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