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Well, recently we've had some new regulars in Peer Review, well done and welcome to them. We've had a scout return, welcome back Cyzaki! There's also been a lot of talk about moving the 'submit entry' button to the actual review forum pages. We shall see what happens about that.

Your Peer Review Needs You!

It's not hard, you don't have to be hot on spelling and grammar, or know
quantum physics. If you think that Peer Review is only for scouts and
professionals, or you've recently joined us, then take a look at Reviewer Stage-Fright.

The following list will hopefully get you started looking at entries in Peer Review. If you're an author and your entry isn't in this list then don't despair, you are very welcome to advertise it at the bottom of this page, or reviewers can always find it on the main Peer Review page.

  • A3722320 - Here on h2g2 many of us like to think
    we're reasonably knowledgable on 'The Arts'. Therefore there must be
    people who know all about the Renaissance period. If you are one of them
    then this entry is for you! Giving an overview of artwork in this era,
    this entry should entertain both those artsy fartsy people, and those who have no clue what the Renaissance period was.
    Peer Review Thread

  • A4111886 - Are you Irish? Have you missed this
    important bit of your history? If you know all about the Irish War of
    Independence, would like to, or just enjoy making things neat and tidy
    then this entry needs you. But be careful, the author bruises like a
    perfect peach.
    Peer Review Thread

  • A4134881 - MANY of us have been stuck at Heathrow
    Airport at one time or another, so this entry will bring back memories.
    Bringing together not only history and the future, this entry will leave
    you completely airported out and keen to stay at home for the rest of
    Peer Review Thread

  • A4052341 - Most of us have been there at school. You have to come up with a short sketch and you only have five minutes to think about it. This entry serves as a handy little guide for those
    stomach-churning moments when you realise you have nothing to talk about.
    Peer Review Thread.

  • A4127799 - Whilst the majority of us would never
    admit to caring about such wishy-washy things as the zodiac, we all find a secret thrill in finding out what we should be like, then snorting and
    claiming, in a slightly worried voice, to be nothing like the description. This entry is for people who believe in these things, people who don't but like to sneak a peek, and people who just want to be able to snort at the concept.
    Peer Review Thread

  • A4121524 - Another quality entry from this author.
    The Staten Island ferry is something we see in films but many of us never really think about. Referred to as 'one of the greatest water voyages' despite its shortness, the ferry is an integeral part of anyone's New York experience.
    Peer Review Thread

Not sure what to say in Peer Review after you've read an entry? Here
are some ideas:

  • What do you like best about the entry? It's great for authors to get to
    hear what really works, not just where the problems are!

  • Are there pieces of the entry that you don't understand? Let the author

  • Can you think of additional pieces of information that would help make the entry more complete? Share your knowledge!

  • Do you see any errors in the entry? Help make the entry as polished as
    possible before it hits the Front Page!

If you're still stuck for ideas, try taking a look at what other
researchers have said in the thread.

Remember that reviewing isn't just for scouts. Everyone can do it and new reviewers are very welcome. Don't be afraid to point things out just
because you are new to reviewing, it's all important.

Hopefully this has given you a bit of a jump start, so get down to
Peer Review today and help build our Edited Guide

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