If you loved me, you'd ...

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If you loved me, you'd ...

Wash my car, paint my toenails, cook my breakfast... walk my ferret...

No. It's not that easy.

"If you love me, you'll leave me the way I am, but you'll let

me make you over..."

"If you love me, you'll work your ass off so I can do what I please

while you're gone and then tell you it's none of your business..."

"If you love me, you'll do what I tell you and keep your thoughts

to yourself..."

"If you want to love me, you'll love me so that I'll want you..."

To hell with "if".

I have two speeds: On and off.

"When" I do something, I don't not do it.

"When" I don't do something, I don't halfway do it.

I am willing to follow rules, but when it comes to deeply personal

and spiritual things, I don't like "conditions".

I also like a bit of task-sharing.

And some line-drawing.

If the person I am involved with chooses to draw a line and

say,"Beyond this point, I will not go..." I better not find

footprints later.

And if that person expresses ignorance of a subject,

then they don't have an opinion about it until they bother

to ask a few questions or do a little research.

I don't think opinions "count" unless they are "informed opinions". Otherwise, it's just mindless chat.

And don't get into an argument with me over a topic that

I have researched and have some knowledge of how little I know

about it while you only think "that doesn't sound quite right

to me".

If you love me, you'll put your brain into gear.

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