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<b><font size=5 color=lime>we all wonder about our socks;</font><BR/> how good they are for us, who has the best ones and what inane quiz's can reveal about us based on the socks that we find attractive</b><BR/><BR/>
</P><b>1: what colour occurs most within your sock collection?</b><BR/>
a) red<BR/>
b) white<BR/>
c) that colour coffee is when there's not very much milk in it<BR/>
d) light aqua<BR/><BR/><b>
2: what are the majority of your socks made from?</b><BR/>
a) pube of lemur<BR/>
b) cotton<BR/>
c) reconstituted flakes of sweat<BR/>
d) nylon<BR/><BR/><b>
3: who buys your socks?</b><BR/>
a) no one, they're stolen<BR/>
b) your mother<BR/>
c) you don't know<BR/>
d) you<BR/><BR/><b>
4: when you are not wearing your socks, what do you do with them?</b><BR/>
a) hold long conversations with them about possabilities of international political alliance<BR/>
b) wash them<BR/>
c) put them somewhere<BR/>
d) prepare them as veal parmigana and serve them up to your friends and relatives<BR/><BR/><b>
5: who would you say is the 'decision maker' of your household?</b><BR/>
a) you<BR/>
b) your mother<BR/>
c) the refridgerator<BR/>
d) your socks<BR/><BR/><b>
6: what is the least considerate thing that you have done to your socks?</b><BR/>
a) had sex in them<BR/>
b) gone swimming in them<BR/>
c) jumped into the passenger seat and feigned sleep, leaving your socks to take the heat when pulled over for speeding<BR/>
d) forgotten to take them off when you were putting cigarettes out on your feet <BR/><BR/><b>
7: which of the following scents is most akin to the odour your socks emit at the end of the day?</b><BR/>
a) sexy underderps<BR/>
b) flowers<BR/>
c) dead animal<BR/>
d) veal parmigana<BR/><BR/><b>
8: you've woken in the middle of the night to find your house burning down around you, do you put socks on before fleeing for your life?</b><BR/>
a) yes<BR/>
b) no<BR/>
c) maybe, if it's full moon and you are sleeping in a lunatic asylum <BR/>
d) no<BR/><BR/><b>
9: your gorgeous, talented and innovative partner gives you a pair of Wren and Stimpy socks for your 1st year anniversary, you...</b><BR/>
a) get all embaressed because all you got them was a hot air balloon-ride over venice<BR/>
b) say "i've got this plan for our future together where we never see each other again....ever" <BR/>
c) clap, cheer and lead them to the bedroom for the wildest ride of their life<BR/>
d) break open the bottle of french champagne and stab them to death with it<BR/><BR/><BR/>

look out for <BR/><font size=5 color=red> how to interpret your quiz results!! </font><BR/>and <BR/><font size=5 color=red> are you an evil genius?!</font><BR/>...coming soon....

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