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This page contains the archive for Anarchy Gordon,
written by dmitrigheorgheni and drawn by Malabarista, which has appeared in The Post.

11.09.08 Coming Soon...
25.09.08 Part One - In which our hero awakes aboard Bright Arrow and rises from his cryopod.
09.10.08 Part Two - In which our hero's breakfast is interrupted by a bossy computer avatar.
06.11.08 Part Three - In which our hero's Scottish eating habits are mocked by Martin.
20.11.08 Part Four - In which our hero dreams of his Jeannie with the light-brown hair.
04.12.08 Part Five - In which the computer informs our hero that his trip home will take 42 months.
08.01.09 Part Six - In which our hero dreams of the the ancestral home of the McLeods.
22.01.09 Part Seven - In which Martin threatens our hero with the use of geekolalia.
19.02.09 Part Eight - In which Martin does something scientific-sounding with the computer.
19.03.09 Part Nine - In which Martin and our hero watch a film of the future.
30.04.09 Part Ten - In which our hero witnesses the preparations for a wedding, and wonders whose it is.
11.06.09 Part Eleven - In which our hero beholds the fatuous grin of his old nemesis Chiphead Fraser.
09.07.09 Part Twelve - In which the organist struts his stuff.
18.01.10 Part Thirteen - In which the name of Lochinvar is invoked.

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