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Hi, my name is....

Art, I'm a museum curator.

Chuck, I'm a butcher.

Gene, I'm a DNA researcher.

Curt and Rod, we are in the drapery business.

Will, I'm a lawyer.

Sue. I'm also a lawyer.

Mary. I'm a justice of the peace.

Phillip, I'm a service station attendant.

Bill. I run a collection agency

Grant, I am a loan officer.

Mike. I'm an announcer

Toni. I'm a hair dresser.

Gail. I'm a meteorologist

John. I'm a plumber

Herb. I'm a cook.

Stu. I also cook.

Wade and I'm in swimming pool maintenance.

Rob. I'm a thief.

Rod. I sell guns.

Woody. A Forester.

Deric. I'm a petroleum engineer.

Les - I'm a dietician

Harry. I'm a barber.

Nick. I was a barber but I'm looking for a new job.

Pete Moss. I sell ferilizer.

Iris. I'm an optometrist

Teddy I'm in lingerie

Josh. I'm a talk show host

Mark. I price items at the supermarket.

Matt. I'm a doorman.

Homer. I am a realter.

Carol. I sing during the holidays.

Clay. I make pottery.

Derek. I'm in the oil rig business.

Neal. I lead prayer groups.

Eileen. I make orthotics for people with one leg longer than the other.

Irene. I'm Chinese and also make orthotics.

Rusty. I undercoat cars.

Sly. I'm a detective.

Bea. I'm in the honey business..

Hugh. I'm a painter.

Jim I train boxers

Brigham I'm a chauffeur

Dean A college chancellor

Nat. I'm an entomologist.

Bud. I'm in flowers.

And I'm Rose. I'm a gardener. I work with Violet, Iris andLily.

Clarence, I specialize in end-of-season inventory closeout sales.

Manuel, I write intruction books.

Boris. I lecture at the University.

They call me Pops. I sell soft drinks.

Jules, Ruby and Pearl. We're jewelers.

Marshall. I'm a peace officier.

Gil. I'm a fisherman.

Avery. I raise birds.

Cliff. I'm a mountaineer.

Sherry. I'm a wine-master.

Cary. I'm a porter.

Barry. I'm an undertaker.

Chevy and Mercedes. We are car dealers.

Abbie. I'm a Mother Superior.

Belle. I play the carillon.

Candy. I'm a confectioner.

Jack. I wanted to be a banker but ended up installing tires.

Bet. I'm a coupier.

Sherry. I work in a vineyard.

Leo. A lion trainer.

Ham. I raise pigs

Otto. I'm a car mechanic.

Herald. I'm a messenger.

Sandy. I'm a lifeguard.

Guy. I install antennas.

Ray. I'm a roentgenologist.

Faith. I'm a minister.

Bart. I drive a bus.

Frank, the Hot-Dog vendor

Brandy. The bartender.

Holly, I'm a holiday decorator

Shelly, I'm an expert on mollusks

Rich, A successful investment banker.

Brooks. I'm an irrrigation consultant.

Tom and Tammy. We bred cats.

Chip. I'm a professional gambler when I'm not playing golf.

Lute. I'm a musician.

Tellie. A gossip columnist

Pat. I am a masseur

Rex. I own a junk yard.

Victor, and I'm a winner in everything I do.

So Long And Thanks For Laughing

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