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Naturally Argumentative

I realise that for the 'moshers' section this is irrelevant, but I thought I'd point out that moshing happens at just about every gig I've been to, not just at heavy metal ones, although it is limited to the jump-moshing and sudden, spontaneous moshpits.

Excellent entry though, tells you pretty much everything you need to know. May I suggest a few words on Moshpit mentality though. For people who have never been in one it may seem a bit vicious, but I disagree.

Anyone who falls down in a moshpit will be immediately picked back up, regardless of who they are or if the person helping them knows them. You are never left on the floor because it's dangerous, and so the people around you will always help. A great example of basic human kindness.

Not just Heavy Metal

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Apollyon - Grammar Fascist

Yeah, I've noticed that as well from all those I've been in. However, I would still argue that there is a danger in that you will be on the floor for at least a few seconds, so should be somewhat cautious at best.

Not just Heavy Metal

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Naturally Argumentative

Good point. You're probably safe from those immediately around you but crowd surges could cause serious problems.

Not just Heavy Metal

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Good point about the "friendly mosher" who picks up the fallen ones.

Great article though. Very entertaining/thorough. I'm sending it to my mates who are coming to Rock am Ring with me on Friday.


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