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printing from brunel.

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Does anyone know why the colors reverse when you try to print from Brunel?
I asked this in another forum three days ago and nobody responded.
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printing from brunel.

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Do you have an option whether to print the background or not? If you turn that off, it should print black on white.

printing from brunel.

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Deep Doo Doo

I saw your initial message, SB, and waited for replies. As you say, none-forthcoming.

Following this message tonight, I've printed the 'front-page' in Brunel and all seems fine at my end.

It took four pages (most of which were the right-hand column of h2g2 links), but I didn't notice anything unusual colour-wise, apart from a bit of 'grey-scaling', but my black-cartridge could be due for replacement.

I'm thinking it may be at setting at your end, but I have no idea what that may be.

printing from brunel.

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I'm afraid I've no idea about this. We've not yet looked into the the print stylings for the site smiley - sadface

smiley - rose

printing from brunel.

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I notice that firefox has a list of options in the corner.
the first is file. Under that is page setup
there I found the check box print background.
Unclicking that makes the text the right color but loses all the green on the page.
So I printed 2 copies One with the green header, the other with the page the correct color then use rubber cement to combine the two.
(The original-precomputer-cut and paste) smiley - ok

printing from brunel.

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the curious thing is- If I were to use alabaster
(http://wsogmm.h2g2.com/dna/h2g2/alabaster/home) I can leave the background checked and I don't have that problem.

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printing from brunel.

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