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virtual memory

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my computer tells me i am low on virtual memory not been very good with computers i need to know what to change to get more virtual memory

what we know

Initial size 336 MB
Max size 672 MB

Min Allowed 2 MB
Recommended 334 MB
Currently Allocated 353 MB

1)So is it the initial size max size i change
2)what would be a good number to put in

smiley - cheers

virtual memory

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Zak T Duck

If you're not confident, it's best to let Windows manage its own virtual memory settings rather than mucking about with them yourawld. Your best bet to free up virtual memory is to stop unnecessary applications from being loaded on startup, and to keep the number of programs you're running at any one time to a minimum.

1. Remove everything you don't immediately need from the Start-> Programs -> Startup list.

2. Click on Start ->run and type msconfig and click on the the Startup tab. Some of the stuff in here is necessary to run your computer, but the three obvious ones to untick would be Acrobat, Jusched (java automatic updater) and msnmsgr. Click OK and restart. Once your computer restarts you'll need to tick the box that says something along the lines of "don't remind me again".

virtual memory

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smiley - cheers Croz just had a look and deleted my old free serve toolbar and i don't really want to delete anything from there i don't know 100% what is for my computer system and whats not and i don't want to delete the wrong things

I am happy to mess around with the other if i get direction because i can change it back rather than have to get the whole shooting match reinstalled when (and it would )go pair shaped smiley - laugh
smiley - cheersanyhow

virtual memory

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Zak T Duck

If you post a list of what items you've got in your startup list, I'll have a look at what you can safely disable.

virtual memory

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smiley - cheers

3D groove playback engine

adobe flash player 9 active x

adobe flash player active x

adobe shockwave player

Blobs solitaire (Game)

blueyonder PC Guard

google toolbar for internet explorer

highmat extension to microsoft windows xp re writing wizard


ikeyworks 6.12

java 2 runtime environment SE V1.4,2_03

java 2 runtime environment SE v1.4,4_08

java 6 update 3

java 6 update 5

java SE runtime environment 6

KM400/KN400 Display driver and utilities

Microsoft net framework 1.1

Microsoft net framework 1.1 hotfix

Microsoft compression client pack 1.0 for windows xp

microsoft user-mode driver framework feature pack 1.0

microsoft windows journal viewer


mozilla firefox (

msxml 4.0 sp2 (kb925672)

msxml 4.0 sp2 (kb927978)

msxml 4.0 sp2 (kb936181)

Nero 7 ultra edition

Norton wmi update

pc guard advisor 1,3,22

photo thru

quick snooker

quick time

real player

S3 S3 Display

S3 S3 Gammer2

S3 S3 info2

S3 S3 Overlay

samsung spp 2020 series (photo printer)


top 5 search.com search assistant

via rhine family ethernet adapter

wild tangent web driver

windows installer 3.1 (kb893803)

Windows internet explorer 7

windows media format 11 runtime

windows xp service pack 2

yahoo anti spy

yahoo mail

yahoo messenger (it wont remove)

yahoo photo

yahoo toolbar

virtual memory

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Zak T Duck

Hmm that looks more like the contents of Add/Remove programs rather than a msconfig startup list.

virtual memory

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smiley - sorry Wrong one i will have to look for it

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virtual memory

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