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My Entry does not switch to GUIDE ML mode, even when all the tags are set down. I have a notice " Bad closing element BODY expecting P" at the end after the tag before the tag. Cant get to the bottom of it. All my tagging with opening and closing BODY and GUIDE is OK. Hoever I am not sure abount some inner tags, some of which might be conflicting.

Please help

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You are not supposed to enter the BODY tags yourself. The system automatically adds the necessary surrounding tags when you switch from plain text to GuideML. If you've already added some tags of your own then it usually goes wrong. That even includes smileys because they look like tags.

Is A3493082 the entry/article in question? That's currently in plain text format with the extra GUIDE and BODY tags added by yourself. You also have some </QUOTE> tags which you've closed without first opening. I'm not surprised it doesn't work.

If you have reasonable cut and paste facilities on your computer, you would be best off doing the following:
- remove all the contents to somewhere safe on your own system
- convert the now empty article page to GuideML
- gradually put the text you want back, making sure each piece is correct by previewing or updating.

Please help

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Thank you so much for your advise. I followed the strategy you recommend, and it all works perfectly well now. After all, I had no idea that Guide ML is so sensitive to mistakes, and it has no proper debugger to speak of.

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