bordom???? Some Jokes Are In Need

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Hello, this is my second entry, no doubt the boffs at H2G2 will tell me this is incorrect or submitted to the wrong section.

Oh well im working nights again and im bored, im going to write a few jokes and maybe other people can add theirs, a possible good laugh really, and you can always take them to the pub with you :D

whats blue and sticky??
smurf cum.

whats black and white and black and white and black and white?
a nun rolling down a hill.

3 blonds walk into a building, you would of fort one of them wud have seen it.

what do you call a man with wood on his head??

what do you call a man with 3 bits of wood on his head??

if you took all the Ds and Rs out of edwardwardward you would get

whats the diff between your manager and a steel girder??
a steel girder wont buckle under pressure

who is the best underwater spy??
james pond

tell me your jokes!!!!!

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