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Hello, and welcome to the official Campaign Homepage for Baldrick and Fashion Cat. As you'll have realised, neither of us know GuideML or HTML, so this page will be plain text unless I can get someone else to do the GuideML stuff for us.


. We will abstain from having any staff - no spin doctors, spin nurses, dirt diggers and the like. We do the finger work OURSELVES (except any GuideML).

. Also, we'll fight to draw attention to those suffering from LAZY SHIFT KEY disease, whereby the shift key must be hit hard in order to work and causes many typo errors. like that, see?

. We believe firmly that the one single reason why h2g2 exists is to have fun, so we will support the coup at the Pleasure Domes of Deimos as long as the members are having fun.

. We won't bother with RL issues. If you want those sorted, speak to your MP/congressman/other local representative (delete as appropriate)

. Along the lines of 'having fun', as many parties as possible will be held in the VP's message centre during and after the election.

. Any rumours that we both ate mice and rats in the past are true. Reports of our eating mice and rats nowadays are greatly exaggerated.

. We find the term 'average h2g2 researcher' deeply offensive - it is a stereotype, and therefore has no place here or anywhere else. Claiming to represent this 'average' group is a tactic we would never use, as we would never be racist, sexist or anything else like that.

. Any problem that I encounter will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently - see Greebo's Party 11 where I deal with the pizza guy. Riots and the like will be dealt with swiftly and personally. Unless, of course, the protagonists are having fun, in which case we'll join in.

. We will instigate research into tree-shaped ice cream cones, and other novelty shapes.


. Because, let's face it, how many other candidates do you know of don't care about making their page look fantastic, have great senses of humour, can be both drunk and sober at the same time, push many of their opponents into swimming pools AND THEN run away quickly, and how many of the candidates have their own personal water cannon that FLIES? I ask you. Now go and VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FASHION CAT AND BALDRICK - FOR H2G2, ALL OF H2G2 AND NOTHING BUT H2G2........because I have a cunning plan!

:-) ;-) 8-) :-P and of course ><>

If you wish to have me advertise any services, drop a line at my Message Centre. Bring a large bribe.

Copyright CunningPlan Enterprises for the Adder Party.

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