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When is an "aside" not an "aside"...?

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Good, Kat! This definitely addresses an area of concern -- or maybe mystery, wonder, bewilderment, uncertainty, timidity or maybe something else altogether -- for newcomers to this wonderful place. I hope it enjoys the status of "practically mandatory reading" for those who join the party here.

Aside to the author: There is a minor typo (hehehehe) in, of all places, paragraph beginning with "If you are an English teacher, than..."

This almost-was-an-English-teacher believes you meant to type "then..."

smiley - winkeye


When is an "aside" not an "aside"...?

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Kat - From H2G2

I know! I noticed that when I linked it for you and I felt so embarrassed! smiley - yikes

When I first showed this article to someone they said that they didn't like it because they felt it was too much 'Do this'...'Don't do this' etc. Would you agree?

This entry has gone in <./>ThePost</.> which unfortunately not that many people seem to read...or else other people who have written articles read it and that of course rather defeats the point. Have you read The Post yet? If not why do you think that might be? Would you read it/read it more if something was different?

I'm hot to get more people reviewing just because they want to in PR and the AWW and reading The Post, so anything you happen to think of is always a good thing. Oh and things that have confused you at all since you first joined...

Glad you enjoyed the piece

When is an "aside" not an "aside"...?

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Post Team

'Than' changed to 'then'

Last 'hit' figures for <./>ThePost</.> main page were 400+ in one week so I would query your assertation that 'not that many people seem to read'.

As with a lot of this site, people read but just don't bother to add comments.

shazz smiley - thepost

When is an "aside" not an "aside"...?

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Kat - From H2G2

Oh that's good then smiley - smiley I think it's perhaps the opinion of people who don't read The Post and then I start believing them and it makes me sad. Any sense? I'd love it if there was a way for us to find out say, how many newbies were reading, and how many had never contributed and things like that. I guess there's really no way of doing that and it would be control-freaky, but you know how I am about these things. Knowing that 400+ did read some part is definitely good to know so thanks for saying.

And thanks for changing the typo, so much for me being an easy contributor smiley - laugh

When is an "aside" not an "aside"...?

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aka Bel - A87832164

Brilliant entry Kat, and very encouraging smiley - winkeye

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