The Prez Elections: Don Alfredo and Don Vito

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Firstly I want to draw your attention to the fact that a Don is an Italian version of the English Sir. And a godfather is someone who will provide the care for children from friends or family. If you think a Sir is a criminal or related to organized crime you are free to do so.

I like to do things the Italian way. This means doing business with a good meal and a bottle of wine. Talking to friends with a glass of beer or some other liquor. I just love to live a good and joyful life.

Don AlfredoDon Vito

What does this mean for you you ask? Why should you vote for me?

  • In the short time I have spent at h2g2, I notice that many members like to have fun. Just like I do. This means that there will be a lot of presidential parties, where everyone will be welcome. Plenty of drinks and food will be available.

  • Of course being president is much more then giving parties. Therefore I promise to maintain and expand the contacts with alien life forms.

  • The exploring of the Galaxy is a serious matter, which takes great care. Therefore I would like to start the H2g2 Aviation and Space Association (HASA).

  • Also, the contacts on earth have to be maintained and if possible expanded.

What is in it for you?

  • In the first place I would open some more virtual bars and restaurants. The places where you can eat and drink are a little limited at the moment.

  • Also the places where you can dance will be expanded.

  • Naturally there have to be more casino's and bookmakers offices.

  • If I am elected I feel it's my duty to: get rid of cars and equip everyone with rollerskates, thus conserving the environment and making everyone more stylish in the process.

  • For those people travelling in groups, I shall equip them with 'Goodies' style bicycles, complete with caps, shirts and funny square glasses.

  • Houses shall have 3 taps: one for hot water, one for cold water and one for alcohol.


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