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Some h2g2 smileys.

The revolutionaries have won. It's been a while, but we're on the look-out for new smileys once more. Which arrangement of pixels would provide you with the best means of expressing yourself on h2g2?

As inspiration, we give you the list of current h2g2 Smileys and the Smiley Ideas List.

We're going to let you, our fabulous h2g2 Community, choose nine of them. The other one is going to be a secret: but we'll tell you more about that when the time comes.

So this week, we're asking you:

  • Which new smiley idea would like to be added to our list and why?

  • Which new smiley idea would you be most likely to use?

  • Which emotions are most difficult to express in the current batch of smileys?

  • Are art and, literature, say, woefully inadequate vehicles for the articulation of the gamut of human emotions - from the depths of existential angst to the zenith of beatific joy - in comparison?

Please post your smiley idea in the title of a new thread, beneath this Entry and we'll judge the amount of enthusiasm from the responses received in the thread. Keep them clean, please! We'll collate the responses from 2 September.

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