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The North African Rant

NOW I know what is wrong with me. This week auntie informed me that something called the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) says that I need film tickets, a bottle of wine and a bird feeder in order to participate in society.

So that's where I have been going wrong all these years.

It reminded me that a few years ago the Australian government, in its 'wore on terra' advised all urban ozzies to have a Go Bag containing the absolute essentials for existence in the event of their having to evacuate (the city not their bowels) in an emergency. High on the list was – of all things – a roll of lavatory paper! What, I wondered, would become of them when it ran out?

But auntie also tells me that our illustrious leaders (at the G8 summit) sat down and enjoyed a six-course lunch followed by an eight-course dinner just a few hours after urging the world to reduce the unnecessary demand.

I never thought we'd see the present government break any records, but I was wrong – Gordon Brown has managed to pass 2,823 laws during his short tenure - more legislation than any of his predecessors!!!

Britain now spends the equivalent of nearly half its defence budget on 'surveillance' and yet there are more people knifed in the streets than they know what to do with. Mind you – local authorities have managed to prosecute far more people for letting their dogs crap on the pavement – so it's not all bad news, and money well spent.

Are we supposed to take these people seriously, and if this really is society – I am rather glad NOT to be a participant. Somehow, Fatima and I (living outside society) manage to exist on less than £50 per week, perfectly adequately!! That's less than a seventh of what we should be spending – according to the JRF, and I haven't bought a bird-feeder, cinema ticket or bog-roll for well over a decade.

Roll on the recession – but don't come here please - Benshasha is already overcrowded.

It all reminds me of the nurses' union leader –back in 1979 (I think) saying

4% of nothing's nothing – we want 10%.

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