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Fickle woman

(and her defense)

Fickle is the woman

No doubt 'bout it:

You were just in heaven

With your lover

Than just threw out him!

Fickle you are - Eve

From the Garden of Eden

You just found some new

Sweeter, younger lover

So that you can deceive him?

Fickle, fickle, fickle woman

You are like a spider,

Are not you ashamed

What you do with lovers

One by one-just dispose 'em?

Fickle woman who will trust you

With your reputation?

Who is your latest victim

In the long list of men

To redeem them?

'Hold your horses

Who will judge me?

Not so fast with condemnations!

Why don't you see Don Govannis

Ask him for some explanations?

But the truth is in the law books

Of great big nature's ruling:

Just looking for the fittest

Who will survive

And put away your condemnations.

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