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All are in answer to the question of :: 'What should I do with this pork chop?'

Dead easy recipe (if you can find the green peppercorns)

  • Mix up sugar and green peppercorns crush together to make a bit of a paste (if dried peppercorns add some olive oil).

  • Spread over chops both sides. Leave for a bit

  • Then just fry in a pan til ready. Sugar does melt and brown.

  • Have with green cabbage sliced into long strips sweated down with onion in butter also in long strips(the onion not the butter) once both are soft add chives
    and soy sauce.

  • Have with potatoes (possibly roasted/baked coverd in cumin seeds)

Nice. You could also just:

  • fry it

  • then make a sauce by blending some tinned pineapple, sugar, vinegar, tomato paste, soya sauce ...

    it's like a sweet
    and sour sauce.

  • Pour the sauce on to heat after the chop's done through. If you can, thicken the sauce with cornflour or whatever you usually use.

  • Cook some rice while that's doing.

Why not just do it Greek style:

olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, thyme, bit of black pepper, mix it all up, coat the chop -grill.

Two ideas

  • 1) Grill both sides and top with as much apple sauce and mature cheddar as you can. Whack it back under the grill for the cheese to melt.

  • 2) Marinade in lemon juice and thyme for an hour. Grill and serve with pesto. Tastier than it sounds.

Got and lime and chilli chutney....just smear it with that and bung it under the grill....serve with a little lime or coriander flavoured cous cous.....

Sprikle with a little sage and grill it. yum.

Eat it

Chop it up and fry it in a pan along with some diced red pepper, onions, pineapple pieces, maybe some mushrooms. And then have it with noodles

  • grill it in Calvados

  • serv with an apple sauce, some julliene carrots and a few petit pois on a bed of rice

Pork and cider vinegar casserole

  • Pre-heat the oven to 150

  • Chop up an onion

  • Place the onion, pork chop, some bacon, cider and cider vinegar in to an oven proof dish

  • Cook for two hours and serve with jacket potato and vegetables

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