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Rugby, as the bumper sticker goes, is a game played by men with odd shaped balls and is a form of football. It was created at the English public school of the same name in 1823 when a boy called William Webb Ellis frustrated at the humiliation of being picked last by a team captain decided to cheat and promptly picked up the ball and legged it down field. Now this being a public school little Billy did not find himself being yellow carded nor being placed in detention but in the great English tradition of justifying anything the upper classes do was hailed as a hero and a new game created to accomodate his waywardness, thus rugby was formed. As so often in English life class yet again played a role in the development of the game when two forms of rugby were later created; Rugby League and Rugby Union. In 1895 a split occured between those who needed to be paid in order to be able to dedicate themselves to the game and those for whom the mere mention of money was beneath them and so the professional game of Rugby League was created, first as the Northern Union. Rugby is now played world wide with many nations now play both forms of the game and each type has it's own vehement supporters and advocates.

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