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Voting Now Closed!

Please see HERE for the results!

Click on the candidate that you'd like to vote for, fill in the email with your h2g2 ID and user number and send it off! Please remember that you are only allowed ONE vote, any more and you risk being disqualified from participating.

  • Marv and Gw7en
  • Demon Drawer and Joanna
  • Peregrin and Bluebottle
  • The Cheese and Korn-Ball
  • Don Alfredo and Don Vito
  • Eomando and Captain Al Boy
  • The Celery and Ms Dolores A.Webjello
  • Baldrick and Fashion Cat
  • Insane Endeavour and Ming
  • The Big C and Njan
  • Login and Holistic Detective
  • The Masque of the Red Rejection Email and RedFish
  • If you experience difficulty because your browser is not configured to handle an email programme, then ,may I suggest that you visit this page. Although ostensibly set up for Celery supporters, you may vote for which ever candidate you like. Please follow the instructions carefully though, bearing in mind the rules laid out below.

    General Voting Rules and Regulations:

    • NO multiple voting is allowed! Researchers found attempting to rig the election by this means will have all their votes disallowed!
      We realise that there is no easy way to stop this sort of thing but, bearing in mind this is a fun campaign and there is no real benefit from winning (apart from the required articles for the Post and the kudos!), we would hope that you will all abide by this rule and not try to be creative!

    • It has also been brought to my attention that quite a few of you have multiple personalitites. To be entirely fair to the majority of researchers who only have one, it has been decided that you may vote with only your main character.

    • Along these same lines, may I quote from a recent forum:
      'Due to circumstances outside my control, I recently was obliged to register my pets Mindspring and Ferrari in order to prevent their being hijacked. Upon becoming the owner of two new identities, I suddenly realised what potential there was for voting abuse.

      I would not for a moment accuse other candidates of stooping to such underhanded tactics in order to stuff the ballot boxes, but I am concerned that over-enthusiastic supporters of any camp may register new identities purely in order to inflate the results for their selected candidate. Needless to say, Mindspring and Ferrari will not be voting'

      In a nutshell, please do NOT be tempted to create new researchers purely for the intent of creating more votes. The ACES are hard-pressed enough keeping up with *newbies*, without encountering strange creations whose only role is to vote and then not post again.
      Something tells me that the Towers would not be overly impressed by this action either!

    • All votes MUST quote your user name and number. Failure to do so will be counted as a void vote or a spoiled paper.

    • The votes are being handled by an entirely independant source... but any queries should be addressed to me please.

    Please refrain from dropping spoilt ballot papers on the floor. Thank You.

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