Real Time Erotic Scripture or, CYBER SEX

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Cyber sex tends to get a bad press. Adults consider it a teen thing and teens consider it a joke. <i><FONT COLOR="#ff0000">But there are a hard core of typists who enjoy displaying their creative talents for others enjoyment, an elite cadre of writers who hone there skills to sexual perfection</i></FONT COLOR="#ff0000">...a bunch of people who get off on words on a screen...
But seriously, lots of people would rate it up there with phone sex, and prehapps even a few as good as the real thing. Those who take part in cyber sex tend to fit in one of four catagries
<B>Newbeeus eroticus</b>- aka 'virgin'. Newbies are often timid and unsure what to do, I know I was. They will try to copy what you do to a certain extent, and will always wait for you to call the shots, though it can be rewarding to help some one graduate from <i><FONT COLOR="#ff0000">newbeeus</FONT COLOR="#ff0000"></i> to <i><FONT COLOR="#ff0000">scripturus</FONT COLOR="#ff0000"></i>. Tipical comments for virgins to make are 'you start' and 'umm...what do I say now?'
<b>Teenus eroticus</b>- no this isn't a dodgey porn site, its the type of person who uses cyber as an introductory formality, 5 miniutes and its all over...a tipical example of chat would be 'and then i give u a hand-job' or 'yeah baby its so good' (haven't we all heard that one...)
<P><b>Scripturus eroticus</b>- these are the people who take pleasure in their partners creativity, and return the favour. They tend write longer and more meaning full scentences such as 'you feel my breath pound your neck as I slowly carres your lips'
<P><b>Eroticus eroticus</b>- remember that elite cadre I was telling you about, well this is them. Cyber sessions between two of this class can litraly last for hours, and the conversations are virtual epics. Actualy if you save a conversation of this type, and do a little editing, you can use it as GCSE course work, though it would probably be rejected for 'inaprpriate and unsuitable content' like my mates was. I would include a snipit from one of these convos, but that would take up the rest of the article, you'll know when you meet <i><FONT COLOR="#ff0000">eroticus eroticus</FONT COLOR="#ff0000"></i>.
Whatever you views on cyber sex though, you can't dis it too much. How else could you have sex with someone 4,000 miles away so cheaply, or fool your partner into thinking your a 21 year old porn star from Sweden (other than large amounts of alcohol)? ...and who says it just has to be a partner? Whole chat rooms can turn into mass orgies of frantic typing. And if you've got the comp and TV in the same room, you can watch the football during sex...every mans dream (almost)!
<FONT COLOR="#ff0000">Cyber sex is way of expresion, its an art form, its a way to get cheap thrills, </FONT COLOR="#ff0000">but remember -too much of it can lead to wrist strain (from the typing!) 8-)

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