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The Apprentice

An almost completed revision of an effort to describe a much loved and long lived online forum based on Douglas Adams's concept, the Starship Titanic. Previously rejected in the old system cause it was too - well - kooky, I have toned down the bizarre stuff that was there before and attempted to provide a more thorough background in the what it's about, how it started, where it's gone to, who has gone with it and what to do if you find yourself there.


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Global Village Idiot

Hi Apprentice,

You're all completely barking mad - but I mean that in a good way smiley - smiley

It's comprehensive, readable (except the roll-call of names: I might lose that), and I'm sure it comprehensively describes whatever the heck is going on in there.

I'd have to admit that I'm not enough of a fan to put this one forward while there are "real world" topics out there, but I'm sure the Towers would be interested (since h2g2.com is The Digital Village Ltd in a wig and false moustache), and someone's quite likely to be along who will.

Good luck,

A371747 - Starlightlines Employee Forum

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The Apprentice

A further, and considerable, edit of the Entry - including removal of the Roll Call of names. This has been replaced with a breakdown of broad categories of posters along with a few sample names (and connected, helpful comments). This Forum has been running for more than three years and has far outlived the original material that spawned it (I'm sure the game is approaching bargain shelf/bucket status and the book has already migrated to the literature clearance stores).

A371747 - Starlightlines Employee Forum

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Mikey the Humming Mouse - A3938628 Learn More About the Edited Guide!

Is this forum still up and running? I can't access the site.

smiley - smiley

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The Apprentice

Yes. It is. It suffered a similar fate to h2g2 and the Douglas Adams site - and returned in the same fashion. It is, presumably, now residing on a different server, but the address is still the same. I would post it here, but obviously it wouldn't survive the censorship.


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h2g2 auto-messages

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If they have not been along already, the Scout who recommended your entry will post here soon, to let you know what happens next. Meanwhile you can find out what will happen to your entry here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/SubEditors-Process



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Yes, that's right, it's all true. Your entry has been picked for inclusion in the Edited Guide! Please be patient while the Sub Eds do their business, and you'll get a mail to let you know when the entry is added.

smiley - ok

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