Of course, ( I don't know why I use that phrase), this sort of cynicism is bound to ...

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Lead to trouble.

Your average ying-yang doesn't want anyone to puncture their Aleutians, not even with some sort of truth.

I mean, (there's another useless phrase), the Bible is a BOOK. You

learn to READ, then you've half the battle.

Another quarter of the battle is learning to THINK.

And the final third is how to do a little RESEARCH.

But people don't like to read, think or do research.

That's why they eat, wear and drive the same crap as fifty

thousand other people, instead of engaging in a little innovation.

The same thing with cults.

People join them because they want to be with people who

believe in the same thing. Just like Manchester United fans.

Only without the spitting.

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