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echomikeromeo's Non-h2g2 Existence

echomikeromeo is a pretty average (if somewhat nerdy and over-intellectual) Canadian-American teenager. She lives in California and is proud to say that she is: a rabid Anglophile, a Democrat and a musician, among other things. She's in high school right now, but she wants to be a public defender, a professor, or perhaps a high school English teacher when she grows up. Her hero is John Mortimer, author of the Rumpole books, partly for writing the Rumpole books (which began her interest in the law) and partly for conducting the Lady Chatterley's Lover defense, which was of course a milestone for free speech, which as a left-winger is one of her favourite topics.

A Rabid Anglophile

Yes, echomikeromeo is completely obsessed with England. She's only spent a total of two weeks there, but she thinks it's absolutely the best place on earth (except for, just maybe, Nova Scotia or Massachusetts) and that's why she spells in a British manner, even though she's primarily American. One of her many dreams that is unlikely to be fulfilled is to attend Cambridge University, but she is resigned to the fact that she'll probably end up going to an American or Canadian university. EMR (because it's quicker to say that) also very much enjoys studying British history, from the Middle Ages to the Englightenment, and equally enjoys enlightening her history classes ad nauseam on the subject.

A tapestry illustrating a battleKing Arthur's Round TableGuy Fawkes standing over a keg of gunpowder holding a lantern, sporting a fine beard.
EMR also loves British humour and British actors, Monty Python being a favourite. She also admires the acting of Leo McKern for his portrayal of Horace Rumpole (see above), and enjoys the performances of Rowan Atkinson, Brian Blessed, Ian McKellen, Judi Dench, Geoffrey Palmer, Richard Briers and diverse other people, and thinks Derek Jacobi is pretty brilliant. She will never, however, forgive Kenneth Branagh for his adulteration of Hamlet, because the stupid sex scene or whatever it is that got it an R rating means he CHANGED SHAKESPEARE (bad!!!!) and also means that EMR's parents won't allow her to see the movie. EMR does, however, approve of Branagh's acting ability, in a grudging sort of way. Shakespeare and the Soliloquy from Hamlet.Anyway, EMR REALLY likes Shakespeare as well, especially Twelfth Night, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Henry V, and now will shut up about her Anglophilia.


EMR plays violin, viola, recorder and tinwhistle, and is in the process of teaching herself guitar. A banjo and a fiddle.She enjoys music of a folk/traditional/early music nature, particularly sea chanteys and other maritime music. She enjoys singing along raucously to her favourite artists, which include Stan Rogers, the Clancy Brothers, Simon and Garfunkel, Ian and Sylvia, Tom Lehrer and the essentially unknown David Coffin, of Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is EMR's absolute favourite musician, and she was was privileged enough to see him in concert twice. EMR also belongs to the h2g2 Musicians' Guild, also the title of a novella she wrote before she knew there was an h2g2 Musicians' Guild.Musicians' Guild Member

Along with the rest of this, EMR enjoys knowlege and random facts, and one of her true passions in life is her school's Academic League team, a sort of quiz bowl involving academic subjects. She plays on the Junior Varsity (2nd level) team, specialising in European literature and history. She is also completely obsessed with drama and the theatre, and spends quite a lot of time gazing wistfully at the drama crowd at school and wishing she was one of them. All in all, she's a slightly nerdy, yet fairly normal, teenager.

echomikeromeo on h2g2

echomikeromeo's primary existence on h2g2 is to wander around and observe in amazement all the wonderful thought and discussion that goes on around here, but she also is a scout and a sub-editor and is happy to assist you with any questions you may have about your article. Just leave a message below and she'll get back to you. If you're interested at all in the veritable number of Guide entries EMR's written, see below. Although there may not be many now, EMR is hoping they will be fruitful and multiply!

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If you really want to have loads of fun (and you happen to know enough Latin to sustain a conversation) you should come down to the Latin Department, of which EMR happen to be the Head. Latina est maxima lingua (Latin is the greatestlanguage), and EMR is getting rather lonely over in the speaking thread. If you can't sustain a conversation, head on over to the teaching thread, where EMR is happy to enlighten you on the mysteries of her pet language.

Thanks for reading this far, and have a wonderful day!smiley -

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