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Name: Claw

Real Name: Bocaj Perbern?


Body: 13(+0, +1, +1, +2*, +1*, +1)=21

Mind: 8(+1, +1, +1)=11

Soul: 7(+1, +0, +0, +2*)=10

Race: Half-elf (+0/+1/+1)

Class: Rogue (+1/+1/+0)

Subclass: Ranger (+1/+0/+0)

Weakness: N/A


Natural Empathy (Soul)(Race)-You are most at home around nature and animals. You can find your way through any terrain, know which plants are good for what, and even speak to the animals in a limited fashion.

Low-Light Vision (Body)(Race)-The cones in your eyes respond to dim light as well as bright, giving you normal vision in low-light situations.

Stealthy (Body)(Race)-The shadows are a second home to you, and your movements are controlled and silent.

Eagle Eyed (Mind)(Sub-Class)-Your eyes are exceedingly sharp, able to spot things close up and far away that no-one else would have. Due to this, your accuracy with ranged weapons is incredible.

Agile (Body)(8/6/0)-You are light on your feet, but are more commonly found in the air. Flips, jumps, and falls are your bread and butter.

Chi Mastery (Body)(13/0/0)-You are a user of the living energy, Chi. This ability is required to use Chi techniques.

Dark Vision (Mind)(8/11/0)-The darkness can hold no secrets from you. You can see perfectly in light or dark.

Fleet footed (Body)(8/6/0)-You are unnaturally fast. Yeah, you race horses. No, you don't own a horse.

Strong Willed (Soul)(8/8/10)-Illusions and things that mislead the mind and challenge the soul have a hard time getting a hold on you.


Absent Minded (+1)-You have a hard time remembering what you were doing a little while back, and seem to be always slightly out of the loop.

Cursed (+1): When severly provoked often loses control and goes on a killing rampage. Similar to Borderline psychotic.

Delusional (+2)-You see things that aren't there under times of great stress or physical exersion. This is maddening to you, and your sanity suffers for it.

Phobia (+2): Mirrors. Thinks they take his soul.


Short sword (5/0/0) Main: Prefers Short Sword because of its speed over longer swords. Sheathed on his back.

Short sword(5/0/0): A second short sword. Also sheathed on his back. Sometimes uses to dual wield.

Sling (6/7/0): Uses sling because of the relatively infinite amount of ammunition. Rocks from the ground. In addition, he often carries a few rocks in case he can't find any.

Light Armor: Claw prefers this armor because it allows him to run freely1.

Money: 250 gold


Center of Being (1)-By focusing yourself inwards, you can repel the effects of some spells, like sleep or paralysis. For effects that last more than 4 turns, 2x Center of Being is required.

Crush Armor (2)-A strong dragon-fist blow that can dent even the thickest armour, man or machine.

Deflect Arrows (1)By focusing your Chi on your own reflexes, you gain the ability to turn aside arrows with your bare hands.

Dizzying Palm (1)-A strike with a open palm that stuns the opponent for two posts.

Dragon Blow (2)-A tight-fisted blow to the chest that knocks the enemy back five feet. This can't be used with two fists.

Stance of the Feather (2)-While taking this stance, you can survive falls from great heights with little or no damage. For large heights, such as above the clouds, 2x Stance of The Feather is required.

Force of Will (1)-Through a surge of will, you can dispel illusions.

Force Wind (2)-Using your Chi, you draw air in, pulling objects and opponents a few steps closer to you, causing them to stumble.

Meditate (1)-By going into a calm, near trance-like state, you can regenrate light wounds and increase your own perception of the world. In order to become calm enough to go into a trance-like state when one has heavy wounds, 2x Meditation is required.

Nerve Strike (2)- A pin-point hit that causes the hit muscles to spasm uncontrollably for three posts.

Muscle Lock (3)- A pin-point hit that causes the muscles to resist their owners for three posts. This makes it much harder to move.

Shockwave (3)-Tosses any enemies within five feet of you back about ten feet. Feels like being swatted by a invisible hand.

Surge (2)-Through focusing your Chi, you gain superhuman running abilities for a short period of time. You can easily keep pace with a car.

Venom Punch (2)- An underhand punch that causes the hit area to be inflamed with agony for two turns.

Uncanny Strength (2)- For a brief instant, you gain strength ten times that or normal men.


Claw is a very secretive, introverted sort. Rumor has it that he was exiled from his village following a massacre of many of its inhabitants. Many don't believe it because Claw often goes out of his way to avoid trouble. He has never given out his real name, no doubt to escape the memories that plague his mind.

Recent evidence has shown him to be hostile towards those he considers to be demons. This includes the part demons known as Tieflings.

When Claw is tormented for a time he will often lose control of himself and attack with greater ferocity and hate. His attitude in this state is almost completly opposite of his normal one.

Recent relevations reveal that Claw may actually be an individual known as Bocaj Perbern, who is suspected of crimes against both Tiefling and Half-elf society. When confronted with these suspicions Claw becomes angered.

1And Rangers can't wear Medium or Heavy Armor.

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