How many holes are there in our bodies and do we still need them all.

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Have you ever wondered exactly how many holes (or openings) there are in our bodies. Have you ever stopped and counted them. Well you may be surprised that the normal average non mutilated body can boast no less than Nine.

This number has not changed since Adam and Eve. Yes our caveman ancestors had exactly the same amount of holes in their bodies as we have today.

Do you think that modern human development is more likely to reduce or increase the current number of human openings?

I believe that humans are evolving towards being more spiritually technical beings and therefore some of the actual functions that the holes fulfil will no longer be necessary. This lack of use will eventually lead to their closure.

I believe that future man should be striving for an airtight body. Think of it as a really good double glazing job, where even the slightest draught hasn’t a chance of getting in or out.

Now I know that to many this may seem far fetched but genetic engineering is all around us. Future humans will not be what they used to be. But have we really considered what we should be like.

I would like to put up the idea of a Holelessness Society

Shut your mouth mate. In many parts of the world eating is a major problem, either because of lack of food or because of the very bad cooking that has developed in that culture. So a genetically engineered human who didn’t need food would be high on the wish list. A couple of jabs every five years would suffice.

We have two choices either genetically engineer the food that we eat or genetically engineer ourselves so that we don’t need it.

Obviously non eating would mean a lowering of the waste products which are produced. Hence over the years the main function of these two lower holes would diminish.

Genetic engineering would also mean that sex would not be required for reproduction of the species and therefore it would be used purely for pleasure. But as the organs get much less used their size would diminish until most of the pleasure was lost and after a few more years these parts would close up for good.

Our ears are already starting to go through a major change. I can hear people clearly from the other part of the world but someone who is a few meters away in a crowded room has to shout. So why are we limiting this technology for long distances. Why can’t I use it to communicate with people 10 to 20 meters away from me. As short distance telephony starts to become more and more popular these devices (by then the size of a pin head) will be installed into our brains and hence the need for our ears will slowly disappear.

I haven’t thought of a good reason to get rid of our eyes and nostrils yet even if their use would be rather diminished in a foodless, odourless, tasteless, sexless, silent, radiowave filled society.

Note: Being forced fed vegetables, Not being able to smoke anymore, getting older, a little hard of hearing and a general lowering of my libido has absolutely nothing to do with these theories.

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