How to Contact UFOs:

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Contact with alien spacecraft is made simple with 21st century know-how! In Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy; Ford uses a squat black device shaped like a thumb to "call" a nearby ufo.My technique is directly based on the model of this "science fiction":

The squat black rod I use is a 5 mw. green laser pointer outfitted with a range extender. I call this handheld device a "Laser Beacon".
When visual contact is established with the light of an alien space craft, the laser beacon is employed as a visual signal...a return call, a "conversation" if you will.
The laser is not shined directly at the ariel anomaly, but rather ahead of it or off into space.

Green is a brilliant color in the spectrum.Green being the internationaly recognized "Go Ahead" color, and the correct frequency, I believe, conducive for inviting any contact with extraterrestrials. The first step in establishing a viable and ongoing two way communication link.

Rather than radio transmissions, my opinion is that laser beams instead,will emerge as the true arena for first contact with Intelligent civilizations beyond Planet Earth.

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