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Forensic handwriting analysis

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I am Donald Sutherland

Forensic handwriting analysis is to subjective to be used without supporting evidence. In fact a good forger will fool a graphologist.

I once had some cheques stolen from my cheque book which were subsequently cashed. I reported the fact to both the bank and the police. The bank reimbursed me. The Police took handwriting samples from me to eliminate the possibility that I had written the cheques myself and then denied it. The "expert" came back and said that the handwriting and signature on the cueques were written by the same person. They did this twice and the "expert" still insisted that the handwriting and signature were the same.

The Police were convinced that the "expert" was right that they didn't pursue the matter any further although I had given them two names of possible suspects. Neither of them were questioned and I wasn't prosecuted because there was no other evidence.

One of the suspects was subsequently convicted of theft and other unconnected criminal offences, in fact he turned out to be a bit a kleptomaniac.


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Forensic handwriting analysis

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