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'I teach how to fit into a world I don't want to live in' - John Taylor Gatto.

As I was writing the stuff on Columbine for the last few editions1, it suddenly came to me, just what was really going on. Suddenly, all the pieces that didn't add up made sense. This may seem like mere conspiracy theory, and you're right, it is. However, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find out what really happened, and so I must use logical deduction and imagination. Before bacteria and fossils were properly studied, it was logical deduction that led Darwin to formulate the Theory of Evolution. William Burroughs once said:
'To treat your facts with imagination is one thing. To imagine your facts is quite another.'

The US government wanted this to happen. I do not mean to suggest that they were all involved in it; Clinton was quite likely too busy with other stuff like helping the poor, bombing Iraq, shagging Monica Lewinsky, poisoning blood supplies, protecting the environment and attempting to broker peace in Northern Ireland to notice a little thing like senior government officials plotting behind his back to conquer the planet. I'm not kidding or exaggerating here - that was, and is, their ultimate goal.

To understand why this happened, we must first look at the history of mass education. It was never intended to be about enhancing minds. The modern school system actually dates back to when Prussia was conquered by Napoleon. Napoleon was a small man with an even smaller penis, and the French were widely seen as a bunch of quiche-munching, wine tasting pansies. So how had they conquered the great Prussian Empire? Simple - they were stupider2. The Prussians were a race of free thinking intellectuals, while the French were not especially bright but were fanatically devoted to the expansion of their empire. Therefore, they would simply rush into Prussia and conquer it, quite possibly committing a few rapes along the way. When Napoleon was defeated, the Prussians took a good long look at themselves and deduced that, in order for their empire not to be conquered again, they would have to dumb their population down, and the way to do this was... school. The Prussians now redefined education as 'a means to achieve important economic and social goals of a national character'. This was then exported to America by one William Torey Harris.

In America at about the mid-eighteenth century, most children were home-schooled. Despite segregation and oppression, the literacy level was somewhere between 93% and 100% for people of all races. When I say literate, I mean Shakespeare-level. Nowadays, almost no-one can understand Shakespeare without footnotes. Contemporary novels, such as Last of the Mohicans, are nowadays only accessible to determined intellectuals, but it appears that back then it was naturally expected that simple farmers with no formal education would be able to read such material.

In 1882, 5th-grade (4th class in Ireland, 4th form in the UK) kids read such authors as Shakespeare and Emerson. In 1995, they were not expected to spell words such as 'big',
'can', or 'in'. Why?

When the system of American mass education was being worked out, one of its founders stated that its primary goal was to 'accomplish through education what dictators in Europe are seeking by compulsion and force'. Just before the educational system was begun, it was stated that its aim was not to create great authors, politicians, scientists, mathematicians, or philosophers, but to create an army of ready-made factory workers. According to John Taylor Gatto4, it only takes about 100 hours to give the fundamentals of real education to children who are naturally eager to learn. However, it takes about twelve years to ram the federal curriculum into their minds and thus destroy the joy of new knowledge. This curriculum consists of seven points: confusion5, class position, indifference6, emotional and intellectual dependency on authority (that's two points), provisional self-esteem7, and You Can't Hide From The System.

Repetitive factory work, whether on an assembly line or in front of a computer screen for eight hours per day, requires alienation and an ability to do simple, monotonous, rote tasks ad infinitum. These are what school is all about. Torey Harris said that they can best be
accomplished in dark, ugly environments and spoke approvingly of transcending the beauty of nature. Einstein once said that 'The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious', which is why school seeks to stifle originality - if we are all the same, there is no mystery. There are implications here for the Matrix.

After Harris and Klebold shot up Columbine High School, a new gimmick appeared called the WAVE8. This is a school programme which provides student with a toll-free number to call and report on certain 'risk' students. Risk characteristics include things like wearing black, wearing a Pepsi T-shirt on 'Coke Day', saying you could never kill someone but could understand what would drive Harris and Klebold to do this, or suggesting that society was blaming the wrong things for this catastrophe. All of the above actions resulted in suspensions from school.

WAVE attempted to get students onto the programme with something called a WAVE card. The following is an actual description put forward
by WAVE:

The incredible WAVE card is going to make your life very fun. We are going to get your favourite restaurants, clothing stores,
computer places and other fantastic retailers to give you discounts and free stuff. Yes, I'm sure it is hard to contain the absolute excitement you are feeling right now upon learning about the benefits of the WAVE card.

By rooting out the aberrants and the weird, a society of mindless conformity who do precisely as their leaders tell them may be created, and that is why they needed Columbine. If this had never happened, their erosion of personal freedom would never have been tolerated; now, it is seen as necessary in order to prevent a similar event from recurring. The Columbine High School Massacre was an important and necessary part of an extremely long-range plan for the establishment of a planetwide

But hang on, you say. This was going on for decades, so why do people care about the spread of conformity. My friend, at about this point, the Countermatrix was beginning to reappear, as former hippies gained respectable positions in society and people started to look upon themselves with a more critical eye. Basically, the tower of conformity was starting to sink in its foundations. Columbine acted as a concrete reinforcement.

And now to clear up a few facts: the pickup truck was driving around so that the true instigators could observe their handiwork. The guy did not hang himself, he was killed in a way designed to look like suicide. The guy in the back of the police car had been found with a concealed gun and bombs by the police and was arrested. Releasing autopsies and ballistics information would prove that there were more than two people involved. I'm guessing that the regular cops were oblivious to the conspiracy, but the higher-up members of the police force were not, and they prevented any curtailing of Harris' and Klebold's violent tendencies. The woman who shot herself was a victim of CIA mind control.

Until we meet again, my friend, this is Hussassan, signing off.

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1See Archive.2A note to any French people - I do not mean you are stupid, weak, or impotent. This is just how the French were perceived back then. At any rate, you are smarter than the British3.3The Post in no way endorses this statement... ed4New York City teacher of the year three times, NY state teacher of the year 1991.5All facts, no connections.
6Get highly involved for 40 minutes, then forget about it when the bell goes.7Grades, pleasing the teacher.8Working Against Violence Everywhere.

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