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Congratulations go to Kandyman who scored a creditable 35 (Plus a bonus point for mentioning Buddy Holly!) in the TIMELORD Christmas Catchphrase Quiz.

Who were famous for the following catchphrases? Character names and/or actors and series.

  1. Q: Boom boom!
    A: Basil Brush

  2. Q: Of course you realise this means war!
    A: Bugs Bunny

  3. Q: You are awful, but I like you.
    A: Mandy - Dick Emery in The Dick Emery Show

  4. Q: Trust me, I know what I am doing.
    A: Sledge Hammer - David Rasche in Sledge Hammer

  5. Q: I'm too old for this shit.
    A: Danny Glover - Sergeant Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon films

  6. Q: I will screem and screem and screem until I'm sick.
    A: Violet Elizabeth - Bonnie Langford in Just William

  7. Q: My pappy always told me...
    A: Bret Maverick - James Garner in Bret Maverick

  8. Q: Magic are Maurice.
    A: Selwyn Froggit - Bill Maynard in Oh No - It's Selwyn Froggitt

  9. Q: Make it so.
    A: Captain Picard - Patrick Stewart in STtNG

  10. Q: You dirty old man.
    A: Harold Steptoe to Albert - Harry H Corbett in Steptoe and Son

  11. Q: Shut that door.
    A: Larry Grayson - British comedian

  12. Q: Mum said on her death bed...
    A: Delboy Trotter - David Jason in Only Fools and Horses

  13. Q: Just like that.
    A: Tommy Cooper - British comedian and magician(!)

  14. Q: I am the law.
    A: Judge Dread in comics and films

  15. Q: Rock on Tommy.
    A: Bobby Ball - to Tommy Canon - British comedians

  16. Q: You silly old moo.
    A: Alf Garnett - Warren Mitchell in Till Death Do Us Part

  17. Q: And it's good night from him.
    A: Ronnie Barker in The Two Ronnies

  18. Q: I'm free.
    A: Mr Humphries - John Inman in Are You Being Served

  19. Q: Everybody out!
    A: Paddy - Miriam Karlin in The Rag Trade

  20. Q: They don't like it up 'em!
    A: Corporal Jones - Clive Dunn in Dads Army

  21. Q: Power to the people.
    A: Wolfy Smith - Robert Lindsay in Citizen Smith

  22. Q: Boss, boss. The plane, the plane.
    A: Tattoo - Herve Villechaize in Fantasy Island

  23. Q: It's time for bed.
    A: Zebedee - The Magic Roundabout

  24. Q: Naff off!
    A: Norman Stanley Fletcher - Ronnie Barker in Porridge

  25. Q: I hate you Butler.
    A: Inspector Blakey - Stephen Lewis in On The Buses

  26. Q: I don't want to give you that.
    A: Chris Tarrant in Who Wants to be a Millionnaire

  27. Q: A cup of tea and a slice of cake.
    A: Worzel Gummidge - Jon Pertwee in Worzel Gummidge

  28. Q: I'll smash your face in.
    A: Bernie Winters - British comedian

  29. Q: I'm listening.
    A: Frasier Crane - Kelsey Grammer in Frasier

  30. Q: I didn't get where I am today...
    A: CJ - John Barron in The Rise and Fall/Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin

  31. Q: It's all done in the best possible taste.
    A: Cupid Stunt - Kenny Everett in The Kenny Everett Show

  32. Q: Hello my darlings.
    A: Charlie Drake - British comedian

  33. Q: Not the mamma.
    A: Baby Sinclair - voiced by Kevin Clash in Dinosaurs

  34. Q: Were there any... sexual problems?
    A: Louise - Rachel Bell in Dear John

  35. Q: Stop messin' about.
    A: Kenneth Williams - British comedian

  36. Q: 'Er indoors.
    A: Arthur Daley - George Cole in Minder

  37. Q: For the honour of Grey Skull.
    A: She Ra Princess of Power

  38. Q: Smoke me a kipper, I will be back for breakfast.
    A: Ace Rimmer - Chris Barrie in Red Dwarf

  39. Q: Come here, come here.
    A: Jimmy Cricket - Irish comedian

  40. Q: I'll have half.
    A: Jacko - Eddie Booth in Love Thy Neighbour

  41. Q: I can stands no more.
    A: Popeye

  42. Q: Oh boy!
    A: Sam Beckett - Scott Bakula in Quantum Leap

  43. Q: May your gods go with you.
    A: Dave Allen - Irish comedian

  44. Q: Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, Mikey!
    A: Ben Harper - Robert Lindsay in My Family

  45. Q: Nice to see you, to see you, nice.
    A: Bruce Forsyth in The Generation Game

  46. Q: Say what you see.
    A: Roy Walker in Catchphrase

  47. Q: Nick, nick.
    A: Jim Davidson - British comedian

  48. Q: No-one messes with my pussy.
    A: Mrs Slocombe - Mollie Sugden in Are You Being Served

  49. Q: Shuuuuuuuuuuuuut up!!!
    A: Sergeant Major 'shut up' Williams - Windsor Davies in It Ain't 'Alf Hot, Mum

  50. Q: You are - - -. Goodbye.
    A: Anne Robinson in The Weakest Link

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