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The holidays are winding down now. Christmas has been and gone. You have probably broken at least two of your presents already. You have exactly twelve pence and a pfennig in your wallet. School or work starts in a matter of days. It's a time of boredom, of feeling that you really ought to be getting more out of your time. So to aid you I've come up with 50 'special' things to do that will nibble away at that dead time before work starts again and you wish you were sitting around bored again.

  1. Make paper aeroplanes and throw them in a neighbour's garden
  2. Pretend you know a martial art and spring round the house making good noises
  3. Play a racing game but go round the track backwards
  4. See how many digestive biscuits you can fit in your mouth at once
  5. Run round all your friends' houses and do the Tango thing, yell 'You've been tangoed!' and then run away
  6. Sit on a train going backwards and forwards between two stations, avoiding getting your ticket checked
  7. Take apart any old things lying around
  8. Take pictures of things
  9. Get dizzy and then run around
  10. Call your friends with 141 on and then after saying hullo, stay silent and see how long they stay on the phone.
  11. Try to eat a packet of maltesers by flicking them in the air and catching them in your mouth.
  12. Order loads of 'adult' catalogues and have them delivered to your most prudish friend's house.
  13. If a telesales person calls keep them on the phone as long as possible before saying 'I don't actually live here', or words appropriate to product.
  14. Invent a language
  15. Learn to write with your wrong hand
  16. Make a hat out of tin foil and wear it. When people ask, say it's to protect you from mobile phones.
  17. Put all the clocks slightly wrong to surprise yourself
  18. Go shopping online and leave all the things in your basket as a reminder of what you really want.
  19. See how long you can hold your breath.
  20. Tie knots in everything you can find to tie knots in
  21. Join up your freckles with marker pen
  22. Make wanted posters of someone you know and stick them up places.
  23. Plan to kill someone and think of as many ways you could do it as possible
  24. Record yourself talking and realise how awful you really sound.
  25. Name tape and write your name on everything that doesn't move in your house.
  26. Pretend to surf on the ironing board
  27. See if you can balance a can of soda on something just made of straws and needles.
  28. Put on a rubber glove, paper maiche your hand and then hair dry it, cut it in two, take it off your hand and put it together again.
  29. Make a Doogle dog out of a toilet roll tube
  30. Type random words such as 'hedgehog', 'telekinesis', or 'mackintosh' into search engines.
  31. Invent a philosophical theory
  32. Make yourself business cards and whip them out for people.
  33. Hum quietly whenever someone talks to you.
  34. See how mad you can make someone just by looking at them.
  35. Sit on your feet until they go numb and then run around.
  36. Paint your phone cover, but have white spirit handy.
  37. Spread PVA glue thinly on your skin, let it dry and then peel it off.
  38. Open a new bank account and put £10 in and then leave it for 5 years.
  39. Talk with a different accent each day and see which one is best, then adopt it.
  40. Put CDs in the microwave.
  41. Look really shifty in shops and see if you can get a staff member to follow you.
  42. Take barcodes off food products, then go to the till and proceed to annoy.
  43. Join a web forum, hack everyone off, and then leave like a fast thing.
  44. Make a list of cool songs for when you are upset.
  45. Clear out your computer
  46. Make an elastic band ball
  47. Only wear your dressing gown all day. When yelled at say you are auditioning for the part of a shepherd in a nativity play and need to get in character.
  48. Put everything in your room into big boxes, then unpack and put everything back somewhere new.
  49. Put red lipstick on really thickly, then kiss bathroom tiles.
  50. Pin your friend down by sitting on them and lecture them on the misery they put you through.

Hopefully these will have given you a few seconds amusement and eaten into all that time you have on your hands... possibly. If you come up with any things to do when bored of your own, then tell us about them!


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