The X-Philes - The Times They Are A Changin' 6

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Arlington Cemetary, 1 week later

Martha, Doggett, Reyes and Kersh are watching Marty's coffin being lowered into the ground. As they leave Reyes walks with Martha, Kersh speeds up to catch Doggett.

Kersh: 'Good work John.'

Doggett: 'Thank you, Sir.'

Kersh: 'I understand that you've agreed to testify at O'Kill's Courts Martial. Is that wise?'

Doggett: 'I don't know, but I've seen too
much of that kind of thing happen before. People like him can't be allowed to carry it on. If my testimony can put him away I'll do it.'

Kersh: 'Agent Reyes proved herself well. Good call on getting her to help you, I owe you.' He walks off to catch up with Martha.

Agent Doggett's House 2.00pm

Doggett, Scully and Reyes are in Doggett's front room studying O'Kill's testimony. Something is nagging at the back of Monica's mind as she reads.

Monica Reyes: *to Scully* 'You know, O'Kill must have a death wish implicating this General O'Halloran.'

Scully: 'It sounds like the last throws of a man trying to save his own skin. He's always managed to put the blame elsewhere for his crimes.'

Doggett leaves to answer his ringing phone so Reyes decides to take a cigarette break in the garden. She is sitting on the grass with her eyes
closed when she feels a familiar presence. She opens her eyes and Marty is standing next to her.

Monica Reyes: 'I didn't think I'd see you again.'

Marty Jackson: 'I had to say thank you for helping me... and I've got a couple of messages for you.' Monica looks a little

Monica Reyes: 'Messages? For me? It's not my Grandma is it?' Marty shakes his head.

Marty Jackson: 'No, one of them is from my little guide,
Luke. He says the same man that killed him and his pals is the same man
who's behind O'Kill and his killings.'
Monica sits up and drops her cigarette.

Monica Reyes: 'This General O'Halloran is O'Bannion the Devil Worshipper?' Marty shrugs.

Marty Jackson: 'He doesn't know or he can't say but that's what he asked me to tell you. The other message came from a guy who's not dead but his spirit is here. Mulder, I think that's what he said his name was... yeah, Mulder. He said... yep he said to keep an eye on the X
Files for me. It's not the place for two sceptics... yeah, that's it.'
Monica looks stunned.

Monica Reyes: 'He wants me to keep an eye on his X Files and I've got to find O'Bannion too?' Marty nods.

Marty Jackson: 'So the little guy and his buddies can join me in Heaven' As he says this a shaft of light appears. He smiles. 'Gotta go, they're waiting for me. I wish Mom could see me.'

Monica Reyes: *sadly* 'I'll tell her.' Marty waves as he steps into the light and vanishes.
Reyes goes running into the house as Doggett comes off the phone.

Monica Reyes: 'I've got some news.' she says as Doggett says 'You're not going to believe this.' Monica gestures for him to go first.

Doggett: 'O'Kill was found dead in his cell this morning, hanging from the bars.' Scully lets out a deep

Scully: 'Told you he had a death wish. Now what!'

Doggett: 'Nothing, but I don't think the JAG team are going to let it go so easily. It's up to them now. What did you want to say Monica?' Reyes is even more stunned now.

Monica Reyes: 'I've just had some new
information that ties this case with a couple of others including one that I worked on a few years ago. This General O'Halloran is your Monsignior O'Bannion. I was tracking him down in New York under the name
of O'Mallory, wanted for the murder of several children.'
Doggett buries his head in his hands and Scully flops back in her seat.

Doggett: 'So the Devil is behind the racist movement in the South!'

Monica Reyes: 'Divide and conquer. It's the oldest trick in the book. One of the signs of the end is war. It doesn't say it has to be world war; a war between blacks and whites would serve just as well.'

Scully: 'It looks like he's winning. How are we going to win this time?'

Deputy Director Kersh's Office, The Next Day, 9.30am

Agent Reyes knocks on the door hoping that the Director will at least listen to her request.

Kersh: 'Come in.' Reyes opens the door and smiles at the Deputy Director.

Monica Reyes: 'Thank you for seeing me
She sits down.

Kersh: 'What can I do for you?' Reyes decides to just go for it.

Monica Reyes: 'Well, Sir, I've had new information on a case I worked on in New York which is indirectly linked
to this case and a case Agents Mulder, Scully and Doggett worked on last

Kersh: 'Go on.'

Monica Reyes: 'The same man was responsible for the murders in all the cases. I believe I can find him
with the help of the X Files agents.'

Kersh: 'Why?'

Monica Reyes: 'This man and the man he works for are dangerous. They must be stopped because I made a promise to help and also one of the cases involves Agent Doggett and you owe him a favour.' Kersh looks at her thinking, weighing up the consequences of granting and denying her request. The possibility of the X Files agents muddying the water's wins.

Kersh: 'Ok, Agent Reyes, you can head up the task force to look for this murderer. But understand this, you will not hold this against me. Any attempt to blackmail me with this gets your ass kicked back to New Orleans, do you understand?'

Monica Reyes: 'Perfectly, and thank you,
Sir, you won't regret this.'
She opens the door. As she leaves Kersh groans.

Kersh: 'Wanna bet!'

The X Files Office

Doggett is watching Scully pack Mulder's belongings into a box. She'd
waved aside his apologies for not doing it sooner. 'He'll be back,' she'd told him. That's why she'd left the 'I want to believe' poster on the wall. She looks up as Reyes comes into the office.

Doggett: 'Hey, Monica, you off home?' Reyes takes a deep breath and shakes her head.

Monica Reyes: 'No I'm staying here. I've
persuaded Kersh to let me head up a task force to look for O'Halloran/O'Bannion'
She leaves the 'if you don't mind' hanging in the air. Doggett gets up and hugs her.

Doggett: 'That's great news. It'll be good to have you around.' Over his shoulder Reyes thinks she can see a reflection in the glass of the door. Was that a dark haired man and a blonde haired boy looking at her? She looks again but sees nothing; just her imagination she thinks. Scully is certain that she can see something. That little spark of attraction - the one that was there when Mulder hugged her. She smiles to herself. The players may change but the game doesn't.


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