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We have a new donkey too!

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He's 7 & half months old (or so the horse dealer at the Old fair told us....would you buy a used car from this man?), he's a broken coloured skewbald male, which are apparently quite rare.

We live in rural Ireland on an organic, solar/wind powered small farm, so pretty much similar to your situation maybe? (I lived in the Middle East for several years, though not Maroc, would love to visit though!)

Quelle surprise, we've named him 'Hootoo' & he seems to like his name, comes when called from the first day (Ja, the bowl of oats may have persuaded him smiley - rolleyes) & has consented to be groomed, sniffed the smiley - catsmiley - cat rear ends & playfully chased the smiley - dog who was not impressed!

Next step is to introduce him to the smiley - sheep & Molly, the goat; that should be fun!

If we can find him a nice young GF, preferably same sort of markings as him, we'd be well into breeding from him.

He's noisy when he wants attention & is inclined to jump fences & wish to nibble sweaters, other than that, seems a nice temperament. Hopefully we can later use him for small work on the farm (getting water from the well etc, which is up the hill & heavy duty carrying for humanoids!)

I'd be interested to compare progess with yours!


We have a new donkey too!

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Thanks for sharing that and may you and 'Hootoo'enjoy many years together.

Unless you are intending to 'breed' from him, and unless you are like Fatima and like living with a recalcitrant barsteward with a one-track mind, I would consider having him gelded - they are altogether nicer aniams after 'the unkindest cut of all'

Have fun

We have a new donkey too!

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Hmm...we may breed from him & he doesn't seem too barstewardish yet, just put him in with the smiley - sheep& goat, he is fine with them & smiley - catsmiley - cat & new hoomans; but is wary when arms are raised, or hooman with stick (not intending to smack him,just collecting firewood.)

I suspect he's been rather badly treated as a youngster, it takes a while for all animals to gain confidence. He seems happier with me talking to him than with P, my male partner (who has had donkeys before), hopefully this will change once he realises P would never harm him, unlike maybe his previous owner.

He can get cheeky & try nibbling clothing etc; but i just gently wop him on the nose & say "Nice donkeys Don't do that, do they?" & he sorta sighs & backs off!

What age would you recommend getting him a girlfriend?


We have a new donkey too!

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From Me:

I'm no 'expert' - other than about the brute's dying on me, but the collected wisdom of Benshasha (about enough to fill a matchbox) is that anything from about two years onwards. It was certainly at that age hat El Gee started to get a roaming eye.

It is probably worse here (with the entire males) as there are fifty or more donkeys in the village; so there is always a female on heat somewhere and the 'jacks' are just a pain in the butt. They can be very nasty too.

Your are probably right about your Hootoo having been badly treated, especially if he flinches at the sight of a stick. They also have very long memories so it will take time for him to accept you (or rather your other half).

Another thing, males are REAL babies until they are about 18 months to two years old and will attach themselves to any older female donkey. But one should also remember that donkeys are not solitary animals and they like company. I have got that message through to the people in the village with donkeys and now, most of them tether them all together (other than jennies on heat) and they do all seem to be a helluva lot more chirpy as a result.

Funny, El Gee has never 'nibbled' things at all and they do like being talked to. Unfortunately El Gee regards himself as part of the family and if the door is left open he will come in and make himself at home. At times he is quite horribly like the donkey in Shrek.

I'd better give you my e-mail james @lw.ma

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