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Dear Agony Aunt,

I have this little problem with people. They all keep telling what a wonderful guy I am to talk with. If that isn't bad enough every time I turn around someone is telling me how great I am. The problem with this is that I really don't find myself so wonderful or great. What should I do?


Heaven Sent

Dear Heaven Sent,

First of all what you need to remember is that just because you may not find yourself to be wonderful or great does not mean someone else doesn't. It is a bit like the old saying 'one man's trash is another man's treasure'. These people apparently find something in you that you do not readily notice. It does not matter that you may not see it... what matters is that they do. Do not worry about stopping them from seeing you this way; instead treasure it as you would a fine wine, for you never know when their thoughts will change.


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