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Welcome to yet another meet of the h2g2 Bloodhounds. We are a clean boot pack1, we hunt human quarry and the worst that can happen is that you will get licked senseless by the hounds. So all small furry animals and Dancing Ermine can sleep easy in their beds.

Each week the chosen quarry gamely sets up a alternative persona and undertakes to post at least once a day. It is up to the hunt staff and followers to track the quarry down.

The Hunt Staff:

The current quarry:

We are shortly to commence hunting for the alternative persona of a certain Abi. Come and catch me if you can!

If you spot me, make sure you let us know here.
1Clean boot hunting differs from drag hunting in that hounds follow a live human quarry rather then a pre-laid scent. The poor athlete will set off with about a 90 minute head start before the bloodhounds are given his or her scent to follow.

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