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Now the Staff Canteen fancied itself. The food was over-priced, over-rated, and over here.
The jumped-up French chef could never describe a dish in a couple of words.

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Instead of:

Chinese Chicken Curry

you'd get:

Breast of Free Range Chicken in Chilli, Lime and Coriander Marinade with Thai Green Vegetable Curry sauce.


What a load of pants.

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The staff really couldn't care if their Loin of Pork was bar-marked.

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The staff really couldn't care if their Mushrooms were wild, or if they were just occasionally a tad rowdy.

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And the staff really couldn't care if their Half Roasted Chicken was maize fed or corn fed or free range, or if it lived its whole life in a cage and during periods of boredom experimented with the taste of its own poo.


A much better alternative to all this nonsense would be:

Menu of the Day
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