Sylt, Germany

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Sylt is a place the normal bankrupt hitchhiker should not visit! It is extremely expensive!!! Sylt is the German Island furthest north, It partly lies parallel to Denmark. The best place to go on Sylt is the Rock Island Cafe in Westerland the Capital of Sylt. Except for Westerland their are several other Villages across the Island, though population growth has made it more like one town. The standard tourists are German, Dutch and Danish. millionaires In the Summer the Island is packed with 980 000 tourists. All in all not a place you have to have been! If you do land there you can visit the only Sushi for 382km in Kampen near the south end of the Island. And the most northern Fish and Chips of Germany at Gosch in List! A very good meal, even if not quite cheep can be taken in the Hotel Stadt Hamburg 5min from the Station in Westerland! The best bash of the Year is the windsurf World Cup in July. And every 2nd Year the Seasons out Party, Only for people working in local Gastrobuisnes, but you can sneak in! Beer and all other alcoholic drinks are free, water 2 DM.

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