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Unprepared Foster Mother

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I am trying to write a book/play about my early life.

My mother died in 1971 when I was 17 years old and my father left, without a word, a very short time after my mothers death. My father was not a nice man and was quite indifferent to his family. In fact he was very cruel. We were glad to see him go but frightened into was to become of us. We kept his leaving a secret for a while but money became short and we had no food. smiley - smileyHe left me, my middle sister who was 15 at the time and my little sister who was 10. We had to fight the authorities to be able to stay and live together. I was put on "trial" for 6 months "to prove I could be a mum" and then after 6 months I became my sisters foster mother. My father had left many debts and we paid them all. We never heard from him again until the police contacted me in 1987 to say they had found an old man dead in a flat and they they thought it was my father. "It was my father".

I want to tell the story of our life just before my mother died, life with my father until he left home and how we coped as a family after he left. Coping with all the prejudices of a small town and also the funny things and sad things that happened to us along the way until my youngest sister was 18.
Can anyone help me?

Unprepared Foster Mother

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Dear Unprepared Foster Mother;
Hello, it appears you are on the right track, you want to write a book on your life as a Foster Mother forced on you because you didn't want your siblings to be seperated from you. The first thing which I'm shure you have thought is you need to get a rough draft down first, you need a quiet place to think out all the experiences you have had in your past, make it chronilogicall if possible, and then after you get the rough draft you can go to the internet and find publishers that would be interested in writing your book with you, it is not a easy task, but one that you need to persue for those that have walked in your shoes and can relate to what your story is all about.
Majesticblacknight1smiley - cool

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