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Post 21


I Had to Beat Her
I beat her because I had to.
After losing our five pals we were desperate.
We were in search,
We were in search of terrorists;
We were informed well;
The village was discovered.
Then I beat her because I had to.

We captured the village;
It was midnight,
No light, no sound;
All of a sudden a muttering came,
We entered the backyard;
The house became silence.
We made them come out;
Then I beat her because I had to.

We entered the room in trained manner.
We found no expected man.
There were only three;
Parents were quiet.
They were old.
There was a high teen girl;
She replied our questions.
Then I beat her because I had to.

We found boiling rice,
The rice for four or five persons;
It was our suspense.
She replied it was for morning;
We denied.
She told relative had to come;
We refused.
She said they had a quarrel;
We didn't accept.
I scolded her I had never done before;
Then I beat her because I had to.

After a long pause she stirred at me.
I discovered her falsehood;
My five pals came to my eyes.
I began to beat;
I beat her too much;
She confessed-
Terrorists will come;
She was compelled to cook.
She also said it was the matter of life;
They take life and we give pain.
We lost our five pals;
Then I beat her because I had to.

We made her innocent,
Innocent to the terrorists.
We hid in dark,
The fearful dark;
Information was right.
They came;
We killed two because we had to.
We caught two.

Please trust us –
We had four sleepless nights.
We were in search.
I had to beat her because there was none to be beaten.
Parents were old;
They were speechless.
The girl was strong; she replied us.
Please believe me-
I beat the sister who sheltered brother's enemy.
I beat her because I had to.


Post 22


We Found Them
We were waiting for them.
We took position in the evening;
Waiting for expected something.
My eyes were busy in search.
We watched at the end of the windy road.
Every thing can be happened where nothing is seen.
We didn't know what was happening after the turning.
We knew we were sitting in danger.
It was just walking road.
We were behind a giant stone.
Tribal zone but they fear dark,
They fear wild life.
We had no such fear.
Animals have no brain as terrorists.
But both come out sudden;
Both come out from hiding place,
They have no rule, no way to kill.
We knew if we fell, it was thousand feet deep.
Starry sky, dark sky;
Woods were dark and deep.
It was the very place of operation;
They came.
Our position was well and right.
It was just to make them surrendered.
Now who will go first before them?
I was commanded;
I remembered my mom.
I thought it may be last time.
I controlled my heart, the heart of man.
I was in planning,
Planning for the last trick,
If they were human bomb,
If they wanted to be killed,
If they accounted least one;
Nothing happened.
They didn't betray as they.
They were Afghans;
They were well trained;
They were addicted to terrorism.


Post 23


Oh Mother, Dear Mother
Mother responded the ring.
She was in ecstatic joy,
But sudden break.
It was the wire of her son,
Her only son enlisted in the army last year.
She held the phone;
Sudden pause.
The sure indication of line cut off.
We were wrong;
She was weeping.
It was the birth day of her kid.
At last in broken voice she began to speak,
We heard,
How are you?
Have you taken lunch?
Are you feeling boring?
Do they compel you to work hard?
To day I desperately need you,
Sorry, you are always with me.
She suppressed the truth.
We were sure all the answers were given yes or no.
We also found she also concealed one thing,
In the morning she visited the temple;
She didn't tell it.
Latter she confessed-
Revelation of such matter weakens the spiritual power.
Oh, Mother!
Dear mother!
What an instance of love,
Love in a special day,
The day she remembers well.
No mother forgets the day of supreme pain,
Once she had,
She had twenty years ago.
Oh, mother!
Dear mother!
Live long.


Post 24


Come Here

It was evening;
No light, no sound,
Ten or twelve broken houses,
A village,
A secured village;
There was no life to be killed.
Those who returned from hospital were in search.
They were searching food,
Searching shelter,
Searching light.
They were too weak to come out.
Some are born disable, some are made;
Latter know the pain of disability better.
They were searching food but unable to search.
They can only tell the story-
How they were affected,
How they experienced the bombs,
They can tell you.
They can touch you.
They can smile at you.
What was gone was theirs;
What remain are your.
You have to be experienced,
Then it will be written;
It will be painted.
But will their heart be painted?
The heart whose major portion was broken.
It can be, it can be.
Come here in the evening.
No light, no sound, only broken life.
Come here, you can smell the bomb.
Touch it, you can see the war.


Post 25


They Are Soldiers
Some search food,
Some search money;
Some search knowledge.
What do they search?

They spend sleepless night,
They spend restless day;
They aim at time;
It is the time of war.

How far will they go?
How long will they wait?
How many will they account?
The answers are in the heart of time.

The time is certain,
When every thing is seen.
The time is uncertain,
When every thing has to come.

An AK47, iron hat and bullet proof,
All these stand on two boots.
The cobbler builds the boots to walk in the dark.
In this way the war walks for peace.

I know them very well,
You know them very well;
Every body knows them very well.
But who feel them?

You, I and every body waiting for work.
The work will be done;
Done by them.
They are none but soldiers.


Post 26


Promised Soldier

I am a soldier.
I like to love my country;
I love to like my country.
The first I do,
I am given the job to save,
To save my country.
The second I do,
I am given birth,
The birth in my country.

The air, water and fire keep me alive,
Alive in every moment of my breath.

Now my country is in danger;
The air touch my conscience,
The water touches my soul;
The fire touches my strength.
I am surrounded in an environment,
The very environment of my mother land;
I have to keep them safe;
This very safety is my purpose of life.
Do or die,
Matters nothing,
The thing, I have to keep my promise,
The promise of protection,
Protection from enemy,
The enemy is desperate,
Desperate to kill us with my mother land.


Post 27


Live for You
I am in love;
I want to live.
Love is the enemy of soldiering.
I was in roaming for seven days,
I found nothing but fear and hope.
A sudden jerk of bush,
Or sudden pause of a breeze,
Made me feel bad,
Bad for hope,
Hope for living;
Living for love.
What I was trained,
Was my strength.
What I was told,
Was my aim,
The aim to reach the goal;
The very goal to kill the enemy.
I was in roaming for seven days-
I found you in my love,
I found you in my safety,
Safety beneath the open sky,
Safety amidst the open air;
Safety in your love.
I want to live;
Live for you.

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