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To express my literary skill I desperately need your help.Here some of my poems.


I remember you to forget the battle,
The present tumultuous existence,
The existence of clotting blood.
Oh! The battle field,
Here every thing is done to save life.
Here every thing is done to kill life.

I want to save my life,
I have to kill you.
Now you are enemy of my life.
I have no revenge.
I want to save my life as you want.

He is lucky who kills first.
This very luck can save you.
My today's luck is tomorrow's fear,
A fear of life.
How far I will be saved!
My fortune is someone's misfortune.

I am soldier, when I am in the country.
I am brave, when I am in the battle field.
I am martyr, when I am killed.

I remember you to forget all these.
I remember you to bring me back to you.
I remember you to keep me alive.
It is a field,
The battle field,
The most desolated corner in the world.



I knew him after his death.
I knew him after I killed him.
The last enemy of the day fell.
He tried hard to kill me.
My position was safer than he.
I did the job.
I didn't know-
How many bullet I injected.
He fell.

I went to him slowly and silently.
I meet him with fear.
He was speechless.
All the speeches of the years were stopped.
They were stopped by my lucky save.
Poor enemy!
He was just eighteen;
Blue eyes were still opened.
He was no more the cause of my fear.

Oh dear!
I had had to fight against you.
I had had to kill you.
Now you are out of fear.
But I........

I stripped his uniform.
I found the spot of eight bullets.
Smooth skin was stained with patches of blood.
His bright skin lost its color.
Somebody would cry for him,
As somebody pray for me.
Two prayers can never exist in a battle.

God is one.
Man is one.
Enemy is one;
Winner is one.
But we are not in the same world.
We created two,
The two in one world.
Now I knew it,
I knew it after his death,
The death of my enemy,
The young enemy,
The innocent enemy.

Battle was over,
But the smell of blood was still exist-
In the cry of an owl,
The loneliest creature.

Now every body left the battle.
Some served the purpose;
Some failed to do it.
Both of them lost something,
Something that might be the cause of sacrifice.

I knew them in the lone battle field-
With the smell of blood.
I heard the desolated cry,
The cry of an owl.

Starry sky was there;
Under the sky it was the battle field.
Mild air was bearing the voice,
The voice of lost and failure,
It was the voice of an owl,
The lonely cry of an owl, bearing the smell of blood,
Though the battle was over.

How far it will cry?
Till the sun will rise;
The people will awake,
Or till the next war will come.

Where life is dying-
Nothing waits,
Except vulture and social worker.

It may be starvation.
It may be tsunami.
But it was a battle field.
No work for social worker was there.
Only a vulture was waiting there.

The soldier goes –
Where life has to be killed.
They came here.
They came with the hope of killing.

The moon came and disappeared.
The brightest sky can be found in the darkest night.
Here every star peers.

The last affected soldier lying cold and unmoved.
He had no enemy no friend.
He had the last hope to see a man.
God made man; man made enemy.

The battle expired;
Empty field,
No life,
Except a life with dying life.
The vulture was still there.
It had no enemy.
Life is the enemy to a vulture.
It hoped for end,
The end of dying life.

The last soldier moved little;
Broke the hope of the vulture.
It was waiting for two days.
It was waiting for the end,
The end of the dying life.

There were two hopes in the field,
The hope for death;
The hope for life.
Two hopes never exist there.
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24. Just Whisper, Yes Sir

Just whisper,
Yes sir.
Speechless night;
No time to watch any star,
Even the most respected star,
The Mother in fear land.
Up hill,
Went up;
Up to the most secret corner of the battle.
Something waited there.
Something just had to blast the darkness;
Broken stillness taste the last breath,
It heard the last cry;
Sang the song of bleeding drop of blood.
Now no time to think,
Marched on....
Just whisper,
Yes sir.

The Day I Was Killed

The first step of my last day.
It was easy to leave,
To leave the hope of living,
When I was in command-
Go onward the same,
Until heartbeats lost its impulse-
For the sudden glance of enemy.
We found them,
We found them when our lives in their hands.
They performed well.
We were just to be wiped out.
It was the supreme moment of life,
The moment I felt the truth-
A soldier can never be an enemy.
It is his gun.
It is his safe position,
It is the command,
The command of the superior.
It was the first step,
The first step of my last day,
The day I was killed.

25. The Duty to Die

Life is a sudden death,
Here life is to think the last breath.

He is a soldier,
The share holder-
He shares the pain of bereavement,
As his mother may be waiting for.

Soldiering is an art to escape death.
Soldiering is a burden to feel pain,
The taste of five senses;
The pain of hope,
Hope for tomorrow-
Sun shines or not.
It may be rain or dry;
It can be day or night,
But only to fight,
Fight against the enemy.

Who is the enemy?
Opposite soldier or the command!
The command –
Not to sleep,
Not to fatigue;
Not to back.

Life is a sudden death.
Life is to think the last breath.
25-14=11 war poems


Now air raids are over.
Come out from the heart of darkness.
Here no light is allowed to blink.
Light is destroyer when you live in darkness.
The only consolation was truth,
We are right,
We did the right;
We lived in right.
Death is matter of hindrance-
When we more things to do.

We left the hope;
Enter the world of pleasure.
We played like a child in dark room.
The familiar sound of B 29 came;
Made us too close to feel we were two.
Often we felt the need of food.
We were hungry, yet not starved.
We suppressed the need of food.
We lived in what we had.
Like the pleasant fish in leaky aquarium-
We tasted the dark hours.

The last B 29 came;
I was unaware-
How many they were.
I knew we were two,
Until the last blast took place.
It was last moment of my conscience.
It was last blast to fear any blast.

Now air raids are over;
I am alone;
Air raids are over.

A Drop of Blood

A drop of blood never stops.
It never stops to shed another drop of blood.
It is soldiering.
Duty! You are the courage of the soldier.
Responsibility! You are the strength of the soldier.
Love! You are the spirit of the soldier,
The very spirit to finish before comeback.

Every thing is concealed,
When enemy is revealed.
A drop of blood can never stop,
It never stops to shed another drop of blood.


Post 2


Mother Moon

I was there with them,
When the moonlit night taught me-
How to remove darkness,
The darkness of fear and death.
I was there,
I was there in that desert,
It was lonely;
It was still yet to come forward.
Come forward the enemies and soldiers.
Every coming minute was the minute of fear and hope.
What we did was our advanced position.
What would come was our perfection,
Perfection for keeping life safe,
Perfection to bring me back to pavilion,
The pavilion of my mom,
The supreme power of my life,
The spirit of my soldiering.
She was there in the smile of the moon;
I was there beneath her.


Post 3


Remember Me

Our greatness is your pride;
Your victory is our sacrifice.

Nothing looks better,
Until the command is over.
The command of the country;
The command of the profession,
Better to die for the country than the latter.

Soldiering is profession,
I am paid money.
Soldiering is bravery,
I am selected as a soldier.
Soldiering is a sacrifice,
I am a patriot.

Country, mom and money,
The three spirits of a soldier-
First, to be a martyr.
Second, to be the cause of bereavement.
Third, to be a victim.

I have no time to think.
I am such a bee-
Who collect honey not for his own sake.
It is the battle field-
Where I am given opportunity,
The opportunity to kill;
To be killed.

I am working for you.
Please remember me after my death.
Remember me as a martyr,
As an immortal pain or,
As a victim.
But it must be remembered-
Must I fihgt, May I back.


Post 4


The Bereaved Mother

I had my John,
When he was eighteen.
Why and how I created him;
It mattered nothing.
But there was something,
The source of my joy.
I built him.
I fed him.
I felt him.
I had my John,
When he was eighteen.

My suppressed objection was there.
It let him go,
Go to the battle.
He came in his first leave.
He came with my all expectations.
‘No’,It was difficult to say,
'Stay here.'
It was war time.
I had my John,
When he was eighteen.

I can remember the day,
I discovered what is radio,
The news of advanced and retread;
At last the lost.
I will say what I lost.
I will say it only to the mothers,
The mother who create things for war;
The mother who sacrifice things for war,
Because I had John,
When he was just eighteen.


Post 5


The Existence

You still exist,
Exist to save me-
From the darkness,
The darkness of your absence.

My memory is your joy,
The joy of victory.
Once it reigned strongly,
You are nice, beautiful and virginal.

A lonely moment –
May be love's greatest satiety,
Whether it dies or lives,
Whether it takes or gives


Post 6


The Delayed Effect

Who knows what happens,
When no star is as bright as your eyes?
Once I lost my own existence-
With the help of virgin opium,
Your glance killed me at once;
Made me dumb and blind,
The world was vacant;
I felt the touch of your heart;
I taste the impulse of your vein.
I lost what I had to gain,
The present moment,
But it's too late.
Now I am in the delayed effect,
The effect of your eyes.
Who knows what happens,
When no star is as bright as your eyes.


Post 7


The Lost Love

I found her in my selfless heart,
When once you came,
You came to awake me –
What love is.

I tasted it,
I tasted with the tongue of my sense,
Eyes, ears and skin.

Oh! Sweet love.
You are not here,
But the sudden rise of your memory,
The commotion of heart.
Blazing mind is restless to see-
Where you are.

Are you in that love,
Or the love with you?

No, lonely moment is my love,
The love with air, light, birds and flowers.

Here I have the eyes, air and the skin,
But little different,
I am akin.

I found her in my selfless heart,
When you came to aware me-
What love is.


Post 8



I am waiting for a ring;
Many rings have come.

Nay, I am waiting for the last one,
One which will tell me the address,
The nest of
Today’s joy;
Tomorrow’s hope.

I am waiting for the last ring,
The ring will keep my pulse beat awake.
Oh! What a game of life.

To wait is love,
To catch is pleasure;
To taste is the battle,
The wildest battle of the world.

I am waiting for a ring.
All the previous rings become unexpected,
But I talk waiting for the last one.
Now I am waiting for the last one.

Let me wait.
Let me wait in love.
Let me wait for the last ring.


Post 9


The Last Day

It was the last day,
The last day of my seven years battling,
The years of hope and fear.

I passed.
I overcame,
I reigned,
I was alive like a soldier-
Till the last day of my battling.

It was the day I found,
I found my first weakness of soldiering.

A mistake in a battle may be the last mistake of life.

I fought.
I fell.
I cried;
I slept before I had found the pain of war,
The very place to destroy;
To be destroyed,
Destroyed in the last day of my battling.


Post 10


Just a Blast

Just a blast,
Or, series of blast,
No matter-
Death is losing breath.
The greatest pain can't take life,
It takes hope,
Hope to live;
Live in life.
Oh life!
You are the special creation of joy and sorrow.
Every man has two lives-
Public and personal.
Dear brother,
We are soldier.
Fighting in battle is public matter;
We destroy, we kill, and we reach the end.
We make the great news,
The news of front page.

We have lost our pall;
It's public matter to say,
But personal to feel.
The public duty of a soldier –
To kill or to be killed.
But I feel personal pain-
Just before I will be no more.
Now I am waiting for just a blast,
Or, series of blast.


Post 11


The Years of Hopes

Every day is the day of hope and fear.
It is battle field.
Sunshine and moonlit night matters little.
The matter,
Advanced or retreat;
It may be some uncanny.
I shall not die.
I have to fight.
I have to fight for years,
The years I hoped for,
The years my mom hoped for;
The years life hopes for.


Post 12



More lives,
More splendors,
The splendid history of destruction.
What destroyed?
The thatches, huts and little houses;
Village after village.
The capital was attacked;
Suffered little;
Royal palace kept untouched.

Oh battle!
You can change inside and outside.
Life scattered;
Shelter wiped out,
The visual outside.
Some cried,
Some crept;
Some rested in peace,
And others struggled for life.
The end of battle begins a new battle,
The battle in desolated world.

Primal occupation!
You are the very name of real life,
The life for living.
Inner changed keeps the surface unchanged.
The new dynasty,
The changed dynasty.
Lack of ruler;
New ruler;
The subjects unchanged;
The weapons always for killing.

Only new ruler makes history.
What was changed-
Is today's history.
Broken house, little hut;
Village after village never touch,
Never touch the heart of history.
The new king with new rule can touch.

History does not account blood and life.
History accounts dynasty and fight.


Post 13


The History of the World
Desolated spectacle,
Disordered village;
The scattered bricks were found.
They were found in my eyes.

I saw a host of bricks stained with blood;
Every drop was sucked.
Nobody was there except the smell of life.
I had to go there.
The day before yesterday I was promised.
Promise can't be made without two;
Promise can't be kept without two.

The sky was not overcast;
There was only one blast.
The dead body does not feel pain,
The pain lies in the debris,
The pain lies in the spotted bricks.
It touches them who come here.

There was real pain.
The pain of broken promise.
I kept my promise;
You can't hear.
It is history that can.
But history is too busy to remind us.
History is busy with the war,
The series of wars,
The war of the world.
It is the history of the world.


Post 14


The Tower
It is the tower of thousand years.
Storm, cyclone, sunshine, rain;
They were nothing,
Nothing to him who had no feeling of nature.

He bites you who loves you.

It is the tower of history.
The king came, the new king;
He ordered to polish the tower.
It was his bright reign;
He had to keep it alive,
Though he had to leave it like others.
But the tower stands still.

God creates man and man creates the tower,
But we must leave God and the tower.

Now the tower can tell you-
How many lives swept away;
How many days bore the smell of blood.
Exploits and errors decide the fortune of the war;
It creates history.
Every where a tower was there-
As it stands with the memories.


Post 15


The Soldiering
My passion,
My emotion,
My vivisection.
The last will be held in an unknown field.
First two will be executed,
When I will be in command.
I swore I shall do whatever I have to do.

I shall keep the dignity of my country,
I shall keep the unity of my country;
I shall keep the security of my country.
I am in soldiering.

I have to sacrifice the dignity of my life,
I have to sacrifice the unity of my love;
I have to sacrifice the security of my mom.

A soldier can't help obeying command,
The guide of life,
The life of soldiering.

I do not gaze the starry sky,
Lest enemy darken my world.
I must not be in love,
Lest it distracts me to do the right;
Save the life, the given life.
I have to do to obey the command;
I have to do it in given moment,
The moment of vivisection.
It can any time be held that unknown field,
The field my mom prays for,
The field my love fears;
The field my country hopes.


Post 16


Created Child

A nude child,
Searching something;
Searching amidst the ruin.
It will go on till the day's end.

A muddy child,
Gazes at the tree;
The breeze will stop at the edge of thought.

A wizened child,
Forgets to smile;
Nobody is there to make him smiled.

These children of future-
Created by today's war;
Is the solution of yesterday's dispute.


Post 17


Modern War

Modern war;
New dimension,
Kills life,
Less soldiers.

Modern war;
New tragedy,
Civil mother,
Bereaved mother.

Modern war;
Strange world,
Bombs drop,
Food supply.

Modern war;
New fear,
Nuclear strength,
Dark tomorrow.

Modern war;
New rule,
Democracy with-
Civil war.

Modern war;
All the wars,
Tiny cause,
Great account.


Post 18


The Enemy hope

Our hope of life is our enemy.
We fight.
We fight for the country.
We are commanded;
We are told-
'We are depreciated.'
We have to mend them.
We have to teach them.
We have to bring them,
Bring them in our favor.

There is battle of strength-
Where speeches have lost patience.
Now we are in force, we are in command;
We are in the game,
The game to kill or to be killed.

Fatigue we sink into warm sand;
No rest, no water, no cold air.
We rest for the second step,
The coming step.

Here duty, command, responsibility work together.
They work not to think what we had;
What we will have,
It compels us to shoot against the shooting;
Here our hope of life is our enemy.


Post 19


Now I Am Alone

We were twelve;
We were alive,
We didn’t know,
How and when the hour will come.
Waiting and waiting;
Eight days we covered the place,
The place I first look the smell of blood.
There was a sudden attack;
I lost my companions.
The claws of the terrorist are invisible.
Like a ghost they came out;
They gave us burst fire.
They had no rules of soldiering;
They had no command of soldiering.
They knew how to trigger.
They did it;
We were only two.
I saved my life and all guns.
I saved the dead bodies,
I saved them to send for howling.
The terrorist accounted them;
They accounted the hope of somebody,
Somebody waiting for them,
Waiting for leave,
Waiting for smile;
Waiting for love.
We lost them,
We lost our companions.
I tell you because I have to tell you.
We were twelve,
Then we were two;
Now I am alone.


Post 20


The Creation
We are mothers;
We are the creators of the world.
We create both good and evil.
All the scholars come from our careful touch.
All the criminals come from our carelessness.
We don't create soldiers.
They are taken away,
We are told they work for nation;
Our love and hope absorb in the battle field.
We pray for life and we pray for good luck.
We never wish killing and blood shedding.
We tell them and they became silence.
They are in the field of friend and enemy.
Man creates friend;
Man creates enemy,
We, mothers create kids,
Kids for the good of the universe.
Please don't blame us,
If our soldier sons destroy life.
Please believe us,
They are taken away;
They are sent to destroy or to be destroyed.
A soldier's mother is always helpless.

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