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Why the rush?

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Jeff 30573

"My child can talk / walk / eat solids at a earlier age than yours.". I have heard this so often and have never understood why parents are so eager for their children to grow up. They are children for such a short time, we should let them develop at their speed, not ours.

no rush!

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church spice!

Childhood is described as a magical time and it truly is.
The previous entry to the debate held the issue of why rush through
childhood - well I am a second year university student and quite proud of the fact
that i have not rushed through my childhood but have indeed remained immersed
in it... i intend to remain in it for all my life since children show their true personality
and the tender kisses on the forehead at night are the best kisses in the world!

mel(church spice)

no rush!

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Children are such a joy to be around. As a parent I take pride in all my little ones acheivements. His determination and enthusiasm for life are a joy to watch. And nothing beats the feeling I get when he looks up at me and holds his arms out for a cuddle. I love watching him learn new things and showing his new tricks off.

My only hope for him is that he always enjoys life to the fullest and remains happy. I hope his childhood lasts forever.

no rush!

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I dunno... There are some advantages to being an adult. like the chance to engage in the process of having more kids...

my favorite!

no rush!

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Yeah but you can go off that one once you've succeeded!

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