The X-Philes - Hell on Earth

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Part One

Christies Auction House Washington DC 1.30pm

Auctioneer - 'Our next lot is lot 13 unlucky for some. A medieval sword supposedly used by Geoffrey of Monmouth in the Crusades. As you can see it is beautifully engraved with runes and ancient script. Who'll start the bidding at five hundred dollars? Do I hear five hundred... five fifty... six... six fifty... seven... eight... nine... one thousand... eleven hundred... twelve... thirteen... do I hear fourteen? No, all done at thirteen hundred dollars... sold to our bidder on the phone.'


At the same time as the auction a church vault is being broken into. A figure in black is opening the safe. The door opens and inside is a sword almost identical to the sword in the auction. An elderly monk walks in and is startled by the intruder.

Monk- 'What are you doing? You must not remove the sword. You must not do this. You don't understand the harm you will do.'

The figure picks up the sword and turns to face the monk. He starts an incantation and the sword begins to glow. The monk crosses himself and screams as the glow lights up the intruders face.



St Vincent's Monastery Washington DC 4.30 pm

Agents Crane and Doggett are at the monastery taking statements from
the brothers. They are down in the vault looking at the crime scene with the Abbott.

Crane: 'So Brother Martin you found Brother Francis this evening. Why would he be down here?'

Brother Martin: 'It's where we keep our valuables. Brother Francis looked after our altar pieces, the chalices, the Cross, incense holder and candlesticks. Some of our pieces are over three hundred years old.'

Doggett: 'So what was actually taken Brother?'

Brother Martin: 'As far as I know only an old sword that Brother Francis brought with him many years ago. He insisted that it be out of sight. He was convinced that if it fell into the wrong hands evil would reign in the world.'

Doggett: 'Evil, I think it's happened already.'

Brother Martin: 'No the ultimate evil. Lucifer himself would reign supreme.'

Agent Crane is called away by the Medical Examiner.

Doggett: 'So do you think that whoever killed Brother Francis wanted the sword?'

Brother Martin: 'It must be. All the other pieces are still here and they are worth a lot of money.'

Doggett: 'But not easy to sell on. Church silver would be recognised too easily.'

A policeman walks over to talk to Doggett.

Doggett: 'You have a visitor, Brother'

A nun appears in the doorway.

Brother Martin: 'Ah Reverend Mother Emmanuelle, such a sad day.'

Reverend Mother Emmanuelle: 'Yes I know. I have come with condolances from the Sister's of St Theresa's. What happened here?'

Brother Martin: 'Well it seems thieves broke in and stole a sword that Brother Francis kept in the safe.'

Reverend Mother Emmanuelle: 'Brother Francis was telling me about it only the other day. I must return to the convent. Please call me if there is anything you need.'

Brother Martin escorts her to the door Doggett walks over to join him.

Doggett: 'Do you have a description of the sword? It might give us some leads in case someone trys to sell it on.'

Brother Martin leaves to go to his office. The Medical Examiner comes over to talk to Doggett.

Doggett: 'So what happened?'

Medical Examiner: 'I have no idea. I've never seen anything like this before. The only time I've seen flash burns like this is at chemical or oil refinary explosions, but take a look around you. Not a sign of fire anywhere else, and... there's something else that gives me the chills. Look at his face. If it hadn't been for the burns I'd have said he'd been scared to death.'

Doggett looks at the monks terrified face and agrees with the ME. He
signals for the paramedics to take the body away. Brother Martin reappears with some papers.

Brother Martin: 'Will this do? The insurance company insisted on it.'

Doggett: 'Yes this is fine. We'll let you know in a couple of days.'

Doggett and Crane leave the monastery and walk back to their car.

Crane: 'So what do you think? Punks looking for an easy fix?'

Doggett: 'No they'd have taken the other stuff too. Whoever they were they knew what they wanted - this sword.'

Crane: 'Do you buy that end of the world stuff?'

Doggett: 'No. It's a strange looking thing though. What about Brother Francis? What do you think happened to him?'

Crane: 'I have no idea. I agree with the ME though, it gives me the chills. I think we should give this to 'spooky' Mulder. So now what?'

Doggett looks at the paper with the picture of the sword on it. A thought strikes him.

Doggett: 'You go home, Gene. I've got a couple of calls to make. I'll see you in the morning.'

Crane: 'Ok, see you.'


FBI Headquarters Washington DC 5.30pm

Doggett looks at his watch then picks up a card with a number on it. He picks up the phone and dials.

Doggett: 'Catherine McGuire please... Hi Cathy, it's John.'

Catherine: 'Hi, how's Washington?'

Doggett: 'Fine. Sorry to call so late but I need your help. A medieval sword was stolen from a monastary here in Washington and I wondered if you could shed any light on why, maybe, someone's collecting them.'

Catherine: 'I don't know. The medieval period is a bit early for me, but have you got a description of it? I could ask around for you.'

Doggett: 'Sure. Are you anywhere near a computer?'

Catherine: 'Sitting in front of one.'

Doggett: 'Ok I'm sending it to you now.'

Catherine: 'Right, got it... hmm... unusual... that writing on the blade it says... Erin. Right, that's the old name for Ireland. Hmm... I might have a connection for you. A similar sword was stolen from a museum in Nottingham. It was supposed to have belonged to Sir Guy of Gisbourne, the Sheriff's right hand man during the time of Robin Hood. That sword was called Albion the old name for England. I'll ask around the historical community for you. See if there is a connection between the swords and see if someone is trying to collect a set.'

Doggett: 'So you think there's a set of these swords?'

Catherine: 'Maybe, there's two anyway with the name's Albion and Erin so there could be another two at least... Caledonia and Cymru the old names for Scotland and Wales. Just an idea. I'll let you know if I find anything.'

Doggett: 'Do you have any news reports on the theft in Nottingham?'

Catherine: 'A couple of internet news reports and a trade journal piece. Do you think it's connected? I'm sending them now.'

Doggett: 'Could be. I want to know if the circumstances are the same. What did the Police say about this theft?'

Catherine: 'It was stolen for a collector. The sword itself is not worth that much but to a collector it's worth a fortune.'

Doggett: 'I know this is a silly question but have you heard if it was cursed or was used in black magic?'

Catherine: 'Not that I've heard why?'

Doggett: 'Just something somebody said that's all.'

Catherine: 'Sounds like a job for your friend Mulder.'

Doggett: 'I know. I've been thinking the same thing. Thanks for your help Cathy, I'll talk to you later, bye.'

Doggett hangs up and starts to look through the information he has.


The scene changes to a crypt. A group of figures in robes are gathered around a symbol painted on the floor.

Figure One: 'He seemed pleased with that one.'

Figure Two: 'Well there was plenty of skin on it. I think we only need a few more and then the two for the final ceremony and it will be finished.'

Figure One: 'You have served me well, my dear. You will be well rewarded in the new order. I've had a call from the auction house. The delightful Ms McLaren has found another sword, Cymru. I think that will make five. If the other two can be found as easily it will not be long.'

Figure Two: 'Is it wise to use her again? Are you sure she doesn't recognise you?'

Figure One: 'No. I made sure my two personas will never be connected. Anyway, it wasn't my fault the last plan went wrong. Just as she and her sister were about to be charged with ritual murder that damned Detective gets new information and the charges are dropped.'

Figure Two: 'I've got bad news for you. That damned Detective is back only now he's an FBI agent. You had to pick the only honest cop in the NYPD to investegate that case.'

Figure One: 'Well if he gets too close we'll have a ready made offering to our Lord won't we.'

The figures embrace laughing.


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