Spock's Hot Date

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Episode Four - The Final Encounter

After Blueys and Sparkles departure Spock and Jim hadn't dated anyone for months and both were starting to feel a little lonely. There they were, marooned in deep space, not a planet in sight and all the girls on board were taken, not on speaking terms or genetically

'Hey, Spock, I didn't think I was ever going to say this, but I sort of miss Sparkle. My face always lit up when she was in the room.'

'Yes, I know what you mean Captain. I miss Bluey's hair, I used my last strand yesterday.'

Suddenly the door opened and, to everyone's surprise, Bluey and Sparkle were standing there. Both Kirk's and Spock's faces lit up so much that they had to put on sunglasses.

'Hello girls, nice to see you again. What brings you here?'

'Hello. The ship's doctor phoned and told us what two sad and miserable g*ts you had become after we had left.'

'Oh, really? Please continue.'

'Well actually, we know what it is. You are both under Sparkles light influence. You see, Mr Spock interrupted the light show prematurely and therefore Captain Kirk has never really snapped out of it. It's a bit like waking someone up when they are sleep walking.'

'I see,' said Kirk, 'so what do I need to do...?'

'Well, it's easy really.' said Sparkle. 'According to Dr McCoy's we just have to carry on from where we left off but this time you must come out of the trance gracefully... So no shoulder pinching this time Mr Spock.'

Spock blushed and said... 'And what do I do then?'

At that Bluey opened her bag and pulled out a pair of very thickly padded kitchen gloves and said 'Here, put these on Spock... just a little precaution to stop me passing out before the credits.'

Spock grabbed Bluey and they both left the room.

Outside the window there was a lovely moon-looking planet and lots of stars twinkling gently over a deep space mantle followed, a few hours later, by a beautiful double sunrise.

The Hollywood End.


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