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Genesis 6:4 contains the following verse:

'There were giants on Earth in those days, and
also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and they bore children to them1'.

Nobody has yet been able to offer a satisfying explanation for these enigmatic beings, known in the Qabbalah as the Nephillim. Some sources
differentiate between the offspring, whom are referred to as Nephillim, and the actual giants, believed to have been angels, known as Grigori, from the Greek word meaning Watchers. These Nephillim/ Grigori do seem to have been watchers of the planet's fledgeling civilization at some point in the past, after humanity had evolved to a high enough level to
consider Creation literally. They are said to have been physically, mentally, and spiritually gigantic, and indeed there are structures scattered around the planet that appear to be gigantic chairs, perhaps for the Grigori/ Nephillim to sit on and survey their surroundings. The only problem we have is: Who or what exactly were they?

Traditional Christian Orthodoxy insists that they were in fact fallen angels. The problem here is that even if angels can take on human form, they can also regress to spirit form and move to any point in the space-time continuum instantaneously. Therefore, they would not have needed the chairs, as they could simply move themselves to a place above the surroundings and get a bird's eye view. Also, if God did not want Her angels to breed with humans, then why give the angels sperm? Then there is the question of free will for angels. All faiths that can be traced back to Zoroastrianism state that angels are given only one
choice in life: either serve God or go to Hell. Literally. (Zoroastrians themselves believed that all spirit beings were inherently either good or evil; the idea of Satan's Fall From Grace was introduced by the Jews.) Since by this time the Fall is already said to have occurred, it seems logical that the Nephillim/ Grigori would have had no will of their own, just like other angels; indeed, Diana Cooper, who is noted for her frequent encounters and conversations with angels, expressly says that they have no will of their own, but exist solely to do the will of God, whom she calls 'Source'. While angels may very likely be able to act independently and of their own accord, this does not allow them to expressly go against God, as the Grigori/ Nephillim supposedly did. Therefore, they were probably not angels.

When the alien gods hypothesis (an idea which says that all gods, demons and supernatural entities from all religions and mythologies were in fact extraterrestrials) was at the height of its popularity, it was only a matter of time before someone decided that the Nephillim were in fact aliens. This idea also does not hold up to scrutiny. First of all, the probability of aliens having the exact same reproductive systems as humans is ridiculously low. Even if they do, the odds that their haploid numbers is the same as ours and all of their alleles are on the same loci is positively astronomical. While it could conceivably happen by some fluke and/or miracle, it is simply too unlikely to be considered (though I do believe that aliens visited Earth at various points in the planet's history).

This leaves us with only one option: the Nephillim/ Grigori were humans. When they are said to be gigantic, it is their civilization that is being described, not themselves. It is widely believed now in the occult and fringe science communities that at some point in the
past, Earth was home to a far greater civilization than is now on its surface, a fact which ties in well with the Hindu teaching that we are living in a degenerate age. This greater civilization was responsible for building the Easter Island Heads, Stonehenge, the Pyramids
in Egypt and Mexico, the great temples and wonders of Peru, Persian, Mesopotamia, and Ancient Greece. These civilizations were mainly based in Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu, but they somehow obliterated themselves; hence the story about the Nephillim falling to Earth. Of course, some have suggested that this 'greater civilization' was in fact an extraterrestrial colony which was nearly obliterated, leaving them with a long climb back up the social evolutionary ladder if that is true, then primitive humans are little more than stranded extraterrestrials. This is a literal interpretation of the Fall, though I somehow doubt that the original Hebrew Scriptures used this same word.

In Theosophy, there are said to be a number of 'root races', seven I believe, and that all human souls must pass through all seven in order to reach Nirvana. According to Theosophists, the fourth and fifth root races, known as the Atlanteans and Aryans2 Respectively, now walk the Earth. (The sixth root race is due to appear in California sometime in the twenty-seventh century.) While I am, and probably always will be, highly skeptical of Theosophy, it appears that its adherents may have a point, and the Nephillim may in fact the Atlantean (or Lemurian) root race.

A number of occult references say that the Devil's true name is in fact Choronzon. He is traditionally seen as an angel who chose not to serve God, and thus went to Hell. However, the writings of Aleister Crowley hint that it is Choronzon's ultimate aim to simply exist. In Michael Scott's novels and short stories, a frequent theme is that 'if you believe in a god or demon, then a god or demon comes into existence'. This is what happened with Choronzon, though his role may later have been filled by an actual angel to lend him a bit more authority.

Choronzon's most common name, Satan, comes from the Hebrew word ha-stn, meaning something along the lines of 'one who obstructs'. In most of the Old Testament, Satan is a relatively minor character and both good and bad acts come mainly from God in different
moods. Since Satan's name implies that he is one who gets in people's way, it may be that he was originally intended as an entity to test people on the road to enlightenment; if they can get past him, they have passed a great trial, which supports my view of Choronzon as God'
s bodyguard, as explained in this column's second edition. Some sources say that the role of Satan was at various points filled by such entities as the archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. I, however, still believe that Choronzon started off as an imaginary entity which
later became real by people's belief in him. This concept will be explained more fully in a later edition.

Until we meet again, my friend, this is Hussassan, signing off.

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1King James Bible.2The word 'Aryan' has unfortunately picked up highly negative connotations due to the mass genocide by supposedly Aryan Nazis, and modern white supremacists in America. In Theosophy, however, things are very different. The Aryans are simply more evolved than the Atlanteans,
but the Atlanteans will eventually attain the Aryan state, plus the Aryans themselves also have to evolve more. Theosophists believe that whatever one's evolutionary level, everyone should get along, and indeed one of the central themes of Theosophy is the belief that there
should be a world brotherhood. However, an Austrian by the name of Guido van Lizt perverted this idea, creating the racist religion of Ariosophy, which contained the central belief that only Aryans were truly human and others were simply soulless animals who happened to
look human. Interbreeding between the two supposedly robbed the Aryans of magickal powers which were their birthrights. Hitler would later use this as an excuse to persecute anyone who didn't speak German or have blonde hair and blue eyes. The unfortunate thing is that Hitler believed he was actually doing good.

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