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Circles and Squares

Circles and squares are shapes you see

The same yet different like you and me

A poem I write with little skill

A song you sing the music fill

A letter sent a memory shared

A thing that for all magic dared

To see the light of day once more

Step onto the street past through the door

A shape is nice to know about

Though it never holds much clout

Over other things like sight

If you wish with all your might

A mind it will play tricks on you

There are many things a mind can do

I drew a thing full of circles and squares

A tram ride through my soul with many fairs

Few can see the picture drawn

In the golden light of dawn

It is even a mystic thing to me

And yet I do the drawing here you see

If I could sing a lullaby

It would be not wet nor dry

A word or two but nothing more

A tune to even up the score

The thing is now I know my goal

The dice I give another roll

Sixes and threes are all I get

And still I live and love and yet

Oh shape that gives this chaos form

Is it warped against the norm?

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